David Mueller Speaks Out After Losing Taylor Swift Groping Lawsuit: "I Can Pass a Polygraph"

"I didn’t do what they say I did," the former Colorado DJ said

By Samantha Schnurr Aug 15, 2017 2:07 PMTags

Less than 24 hours after a jury determined David Mueller had assaulted and battered Taylor Swift, he maintains that he never grabbed her and can take a polygraph test to prove it.

In his first television interview since the six-day trial concluded on Monday evening, the former Colorado DJ sat down with Good Morning America'Clayton Sandell to defend himself. 

After four hours of deliberation on Monday, an eight-member jury comprised of six women and two men unanimously decided Mueller did assault and batter the pop star in 2013 during a meet-and-greet. At the time, he and his then-girlfriend Shannon Melcher posed for a photo with the star, during which Swift said the assault occurred. Two days after the incident, he was fired from his job at KYGO radio station as co-host of Ryno and Jackson. Two years later, Mueller sued the star, claiming that she was responsible for his firing. However, the Grammy winner countersued Mueller a month later for assault and battery. On Friday, Judge William Martinez dismissed Mueller's claim against Swift, citing lack of evidence and witness testimony. 

Court Appearances
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While speaking with Sandell about his encounter with Swift, Mueller denied ever grabbing the songstress' butt. "What I'm saying is that I didn't do what they say I did. I didn't do it. I never grabbed her. I never had my hand under her skirt and I can pass a polygraph," he said. 

As for the photo in question, the radio DJ alleged that it was a rushed snap. "That wasn't ready. I wasn't invited to be in the photo. So it was–I just moved into the shot the best I could."

Mueller testified that he may have touched Swift's ribs with his knuckles during the encounter. "Because I was a larger person, I thought it would be a good idea if I closed my hand, so I didn't poke Taylor with my fingers," he said on the stand last week. 

She responded to that claim during her testimony the next day, stating, "He did not touch my rib. He did not touch my arm. He did not touch my hand. He grabbed my bare ass."

While Swift was awarded $1 in punitive damages, Mueller had sought $3 million in his initial lawsuit. After his lawsuit was dismissed last Friday, his lawyer requested $257,500 in damages—the amount he would have been paid during his existing contract with the KYGO station had he not been fired. However, while speaking to Sandell, Mueller said he wanted something else. "I asked for something in writing which stated that there was a misunderstanding and I can take that and possibly convince someone at a radio station to hire me," he explained. 

"You didn't want money? You just wanted this note?" Sandell asked. 

Mueller replied, "Absolutely."