Samuel L. Jackson, James Corden

Terence Patrick/CBS

That was one for the books. 

As if James Corden's "Drop the Mic" segment couldn't get any more epic, he brought out Samuel L. Jackson. The late-night host and the Oscar nominee duked it out via rhyme Monday night in a battle that is sure to lead in the ranks of every segment the British star has done. 

As is expected with "Drop the Mic," no insult was spared as the two poked at every detail of each other—from Jackson's bank commercials to Corden's frame. 

"You sure you wanna do this?" the host warned. "Come on, man—I ain't scared of you. Let's go," the actor retorted. Let the games begin!

Samuel L. Jackson, James Corden

Terence Patrick/CBS

"For every Hateful Eight theres's a Snakes on a Plane," Corden rhymed. "Make me an Avenger, Sam," he continued like salt in the star's wounds. 

"Be humble. Sit down. You're about to be Black Snake owned," Jackson retorted."You look like a minion in two-tight clothes."

Of course, if that didn't sting enough, there's always using symbols instead. "Look—I'm gonna put it in a way that you can understand," he added while holding up a middle finger.

"That was mean," Corden told his guest. That didn't stop him from carrying on, however. "90 percent of your IMDB page is shit," he told Jackson. "People will only listen to what you say when [Quentin] Tarantino wrote it."

"The only way you're tearing into me is if I was a cake," Jackson fought back. 

Although, arguably the best zinger of the night came from Corden, who asked, "Aren't you rich enough now to say no to bank commercials? Seriously aren't you? Aren't you though?"

Jackson wasn't ashamed—and he made it rain from his wallet to prove it. 

Check out the full battle above and tell us who you think won this round!

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