You may know that Selena Gomez is dating The Weeknd, has 124 million Instagram followers and just came out with her song "Fetish" but do you know what her favorite Disney movie is, what TV show she's been binge watching and what she loves about working with other artists? Well you are about to!

The chart-topping songstress and Instagram superstar did a revealing and fun-filled #StreamWithSelena Twitter Q&A earlier today and gave fans some serious insights to some of the things that make her tick.

Check out the 22 things we learned from her question and answer sesh...

Q: Weirdest rumor you heard this year about yourself?
A: Lately? That I'm moving to Europe... so random.

Q: Dream collaboration?
A: Eminem!  

Q: What is one piece of advice you live by?
A: Treat others how you wish to be treated. 

Q: If you could describe your new album with a color, which color would it be?
A: A deep blue

Q: Is there a book that you read lately that you found particularly meaningful?
A: "A Heart Like His"

Q: Worst food you've ever tasted?
A: Quail egg

Q: How was it to make "Fetish"?
A: It was so much fun. I was in a room full of boys. They were all on their phones.

Q: A few years ago, you showed us you learned to play the guitar. Will you be playing for future song releases?
A: I don't know. I have always preferred piano

Q: How do you do to not be nervous in front of so many people?
A: Most of the time I am. I'm just really good at covering it up

Q: Do you have songs on your album that have a special meaning to you?
A: Yes - there's one that is really special to me. It's ballad.

Q: What's the thing that you love most about Instagram?
A: Connecting with my fans! And filters.

Q: What's your favorite TV Show lately?
A: Game of Thrones. I finished the third season yesterday. I finished the third season yesterday. No spoilers!

Q: What's your favorite song at the moment?
A: I like "Wild Thoughts" with Rihanna


Q: Which character from the Bad Liar movie was your favorite to act? And why?
A: Probably the mom character! It was such a twist at the end, I love how it all came together.

Q: What do you love the most about working with other artists?
A: Being able to learn from someone else's sound and combining it with mine.

Q: Spirit animal?
A: My little sister Gracie. She's 4 and cooler than me.

Q: Do you prefer going out at night or staying at home?
A: Depends on my mood!

Q: How do you stay positive when everything is falling apart???
A: Remind myself what I stand for.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration when creating music?
A: My experiences, people just help pull it out of me.

Q: Favorite thing to do with your friends?
A: Eat and talk about everything and nothing.

Q: Favorite Disney movie?
A: Alice in Wonderland

Q: Favorite childhood movie?
A: Wizard of Oz or 16 Candles

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