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Ironically, Luke Cosgrove isn't much one for horror movies.

But that hasn't prevented the Australian actor from looking right at home on The Mist, the chilling Spike series based on the Stephen King novella currently unfolding this summer.

Cosgrove, did watch the Frank Darabont-directed film adaptation and then read the story, hasn't yet had a chance to meet the author who's caused countless nightmares to millions of readers and moviegoers over the years, but the King of horror can rest assured that The Mist is in good hands.

Cosgrove plays Jay Heisel, high school football star, sheriff's son and distressed resident of Bridgeville, Maine, where a sinister mist has enshrouded the town.

E! Q, Luke Cosgrove, The Mist


To effect the appropriate feeling of impending doom mixed with a modicum of hope, things can understandably get intense on set for the actors. The regular and recurring cast also includes Gus BirneyRussell PosnerOkezie Morro, Darren PettieIsiah Whitlock Jr., Dan Butler and Danica Curcic—and they do their best to lighten the mood when possible.

"We were doing some long night shoots, so in between takes, we would always try to joke around with each other and keep morale high," Cosgrove tells E! News. "If Isiah was around, none of us would have any hope of keeping a straight face. Literally everything that guy says is funny."

Whitlock Jr. plays Gus Bradley, the manager of the Bridgeville mall who, like Jay, sees the mist as an opportunity to turn his persona around and distance himself from his pre-mist issues while the community is under siege.

Though Cosgrove doesn't do horror movies in real life, he does do sports. Though more of a fan of rugby and Australian Rules Football, which he played for six years, he got into the American version enough to take in a Jets-Patriots game after shooting the show.

"Surfing would have to be my favorite sport," he says. "It was kind of hard to avoid growing up on the coast."

That would be the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in his native Australia, where he started acting at 11. The Mist marks his first starring role in the U.S. and we suggest you get used to seeing him.

In the meantime, we felt like asking Luke a whole bunch of questions, and he kindly filled out our E!Q:

E! Q, Luke Cosgrove

Hometown: Peregian Beach, QLD

Age: 23

What time did you wake up this morning? 7 a.m.

Night owl or early bird? Depends, if it's the weekend, I'm a bit of a night owl. 

Who's the first person you talked to today? I texted my mum.

E! Q, Luke Cosgrove

Favorite way to work up a sweat? Dancing  

Beach or mountains? Beach

Drive or fly? Fly

If you could go somewhere you've never been before tomorrow, where would you go? Mentawai Islands [a chain of Indonesian islands that is a premiere surfing destination]

E! Q, Luke Cosgrove

Favorite horror movie? I can't do horror movies. I didn't sleep properly for a week after watching Paranormal Activity.

Last movie that really made you laugh? Step Brothers

First acting job? A short film for a university that was about a killer high school janitor who starts murdering some of the students.


E! Q, Luke Cosgrove

Celebrity crush? Lily Collins

Lily Collins, Luke Cosgrove E!Q GIF

Name your favorite thing that starts with the letter E: Eggs (poached)

The Mist airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Spike.

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