He's Robert Pattinson, super spy.

At least, based on the way he says he maneuvered around soon after becoming a major star thanks to Twilight.

According to GQ magazine, which features the actor on the cover of its September 2017 issue, he took extreme measures to escape the paparazzi and what the outlet called the "nightmare of his vampire franchise-induced fame." It reported that during the height of the "Twilight madness," Pattinson rode around in the trunks of cars "constantly."

GQ also reported that the actor "had his friends call Ubers while he traded outfits with them in the restaurant bathroom, so that photographers wouldn't know which car he got into, and then he sent all the Ubers in different directions." The outlet said that he once kept five rental cars in parking lots around town and that if he was being followed, he'd change his clothes and drive away in one of the vehicles.

Robert Pattinson, GQ, September 2017

Daniel Jackson exclusively for GQ

He recalled driving around for hours to avoid disclosing where he lived and confronting a member of the paparazzi, asking him to leave him alone. He said the person told him, "My boss says I can't come back until I know where your new house is. Sorry, man."

"As soon as I saw a tail, I would just disappear again," Pattinson said. "It worked after a while. They're just like, ‘Oh, the guy is just a hassle.'"

"There are ways to disappear, like, fairly easily," he added. "It just involves effort, and most people can't be bothered to put the effort in."

In the interview, Pattinson also recalled the media attention he received when the Twilight films were in theaters. He remembered appearing at a promotional event and being asked by young female fans how he styled his hair. He told them, "I have 12-year-old virgins lick it," after which studio executives sent him to media training, GQ reported.

Pattinson—and his hair—can be seen in the new crime drama Good Time, which hits theaters Friday.

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