Anna Faris' Last Interview Before Her Split With Chris Pratt Is Extremely Foreshadowing

Actress spoke about her struggles with confrontation

By Lily Harrison Aug 08, 2017 3:00 AMTags

It seems that Anna Faris' most recent interview gives even more insight into her split with Chris Pratt.

The actress opened up to Live Happy magazine for their October issue and spoke about her struggles with confrontation and vulnerability in long-term relationships.

"There was a time when I was willing to make any cute boy that looked at me. I felt like if someone was attractive and wanted to hook up, it was a validation of my own identity," she said during the interview given in early June. 

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt on Marriage and Family
Live Happy

She also added that she's not one to confront situations head-on when it comes to relationships.

"I can't stand confrontation, which maybe is a character flaw. But having said that, I do feel like when I do get upset, which is rare as my husband and family would say, I have a hard time letting go."

But the star and mother to son Jack also exposed a happier side to her marriage with Pratt while describing a recent trip she took to London to visit her hubby while he filmed Jurassic World 2.

"He rented a boat that took us up and down the Thames. He had scones and it was wildly romantic. He's constantly doing really romantic things like that which are so wonderful."

Faris continued, "But I also think that for us, our best date is an afternoon at our Washington home. Chris will put our crab pots out early in the morning, and later that day, we'll eat fresh crab with a little butter and just look at the scenery. I think that's one of the many reasons we fit so well together."

Faris explained that the couple's similar upbringing is ultimately what bonds them, despite the fact that they met and fell in love while in the limelight.

"We're from the same place. We both know the same trees and smells and birds. It sounds corny, but those are things that ground us in everything outside of Hollywood."

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