Queen Elizabeth, Drink

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This royal is raising a glass. 

Queen Elizabeth II is a woman of routine. The British monarch is known to indulge in a piece of chocolate biscuit cake during tea time, request her tuna sandwiches without the crusts and enjoy a simple cereal breakfast straight from a Tupperware container. 

According to a re-emerged report from The Independent, the queen also imbibes in four drinks a day. Per the report, she sips on a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and a lot of ice before lunch. During lunch, Queen Elizabeth II opts for wine and then enjoys a dry martini and a glass of champagne in the evening. The report credited the queen's late cousin, Margaret Rhodes, with the insight, noting that her alcohol intake "never varies."

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip


The reported routine raises some eyebrows considering, per U.K. guidelines, weekly alcohol consumption should be kept to 14 units, or one unit a day. One typical glass of wine amounts to 2.3 units, which would mean the queen exceeds that limit with her daily lunch drink alone. 

While that's the queen's business, she does have her longtime husband Prince Philip to enjoy a drink with. However, while the 91-year-old royal enjoys cocktails, the Duke of Edinburgh sticks to beer. According to The Telegraph, Philip's drink of choice is a glass of Boddingtons Bitter. 

Bottoms up!

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