Here's something you may not know: Evan Ross is a talented artist!

Yes, not only is Diana Ross' son an actor as well as a musician, he's also skilled at drawing and painting. In fact, some of his work was featured at Freedom United Foundation's Pop Up Art Gallery on Thursday night where he and wife Ashlee Simpson-Ross stopped to chat with E! News...before being adorably interrupted by his very proud sister, Tracee Ellis Ross!

The Black-ish actress couldn't help but gush over Evan, admitting she felt extra proud because art has been "a childhood thing he's been doing forever," she said, adding, "Finally, people get to see the magic!"

Though he hasn't drawn Tracee yet, Evan said he's painted their mother "about ten times" as well as Michael Jackson and Ashlee—both of which he's not quite ready to show the world.

As far as Ashlee's artistic capabilities? Well, she admitted drawing just isn't her thing.

"I have fun with the kids," she laughed. "I'm artistic, but as far as the drawing goes, I do well with the kids!"

Speaking of, the couple is parents to daughter Jagger Snow Ross, who turns 2 on Sunday, as well as Ashlee's son from her first marriage with Pete WentzBronx Mowgli Wentz, 8.

So how does he balance acting, music and art as well as being a father?

"I do a lot of it in a lot of hours without sleeping," he dished.

Ashlee added, "I'm like, 'You're a super trooper!' Because he's an amazing dad, and then at night he's drawing and then he's so chipper and great the next day. I'm like, 'Ok. Wow!'"

Jagger has actually taken on some of daddy's interests in art. Her 2nd birthday party on Sunday is set to be Andy Warhol-themed, and we already can't wait for the photos!

Watch the sweet family interviews in the videos above.

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