If news of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse's relationship came as a surprise to you, you're certainly not alone.

The Riverdale co-stars made major headlines earlier this week with their new romance, but it actually might not have been as big of a shocker as we all thought.

In fact, we took a deep dive into their social media interactions over the last year or so, and they've pretty much always been flirtatious with one another, leaving silly or sarcastic comments on each others' photos and even capturing pictures of one another for their individual Instagram accounts.

So, while their 2017 Comic-Con canoodling may have been the news of all news for you this week, it's actually not entirely new to them.

Take a look back at some of their cutest social media interactions below:

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One might say it all started with this photo. Though it may not seem all that important to you, it most certainly is. You see, this photo was taken during the very first week of filming in March 2016, and if you look closely, you'll see Lili staring lovingly in Cole's direction.

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A few months later, the couple's co-star KJ Apa took to Instagram to point out Cole's hands in this photo, which he couldn't seem to keep off Lili—even back in May 2016.

This picture was taken before I got the worst sunburn of my life. Thanks for looking out, boys.

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Lily and Cole even spent time hanging out together last summer, outside of filming. The actress posted this photo in June 2016, hanging out with her "boys."

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my pal, Cole. ????

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And then there was this. Though it may have seemed like an innocent birthday photo at the time, now we see a major hot-couple-on-the-horizon alert!

Lili complimented their co-star Camila Mendes' glowing skin in a photo from July 2016, which sparked a flirty back-and-forth between her and Cole. "What about my skin," Cole asked Lili in response to the tweet. "Meh," she responded—a typically "here's me being snarky because I like you" move.

A similar interaction occurred in December when Lili reposted a photo of Cole's glowing face. "Hey what highlighter do you use?" she asked Cole, who responded, "yours."


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In February, when KJ shared this hunky photo of Cole, Lili couldn't help but comment. "*santa," she wrote, flirtatiously, editing KJ's caption.

Things appeared to take a sexier, more obvious turn when Lili shared this gorgeous photo, topless underneath a peach fur coat. Cole responded with a cartoon drawing that read, "Tempt me!" Ow ow!

A sprout in the dunes

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Lili also double-tapped this photo in March, showcasing her approval on KJ's Instagram for her cutie-patootie boyfriend.

And then there was the collection of photos Cole took of Lili.

The pictures were elegant, real and filled with passion. It's almost as if we were looking at the actress through Cole's eyes, and even before we knew about their romance, they conveyed that connection.

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"Thank you for indulging me," Lili captioned this photo, tagging Cole.

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"Blackbird by @colesprouse," she shared another photo from the collection. 

I'm not saying you should inhale helium... but here's a video of @colesprouse and I on set during episode 11.

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This video of them in May, playing with helium and balloons gave us all the feels. They really are adorable.

In June, Lili jokingly commented on a photo of their side-by-side seats during an event and wrote, "S--t I have to sit near that daddy-wannabe," to which Cole responded, "Coming from someone who scrambled to get on my flight earlier." 

Lili clapped back flirtatiously writing, "You're asking for it, pal. You know the dirt I have on you."

They also exchanged a flirty back-and-forth when Lili shared a video for KJ's birthday...on the wrong day. "You know his birthday is tomorrow right... even google got it wrong... I'm the only ~real~ friend here," Cole wrote.

Lili responded, "Well f--k."

Lili asked fans to vote for Riverdale to be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly earlier this month, to which Cole jokingly responded "No." The actress clapped back with a flirty and funny GIF of a bear being thrown off a cliff. "You're the bear," she wrote. LOL.

And finally, one of the photos that sealed the deal about their relationship was when they were spotted getting cozy while sitting together on a plane that was headed back to Vancouver after Comic-Con.

Needless to say, despite their sarcastic, jocular tone toward one another, these two have undoubtedly had heart eyes for each other for a while now...and we're pretty much obsessed.

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