Simone Biles is just like us...even she can't help herself from getting goofy after dental surgery!

Yes, the 20-year-old went in to get her wisdom teeth removed this week, and as is typically the case when going under for the routine procedure, she emerged a little loopy, to say the least.

Luckily, her sister Adria Biles was there to catch the hilarious post-surgery moment on video, showing Biles singing, dancing and pretending to drive a car (or something of that nature).  

If you're currently dying of laughter, we're right there with you...and so is she!

"I honestly have no words! Enjoy!!!!! Hope it makes you laugh!!!!" Simone wrote on Twitter alongside the video.

She also shared a few photos from before and after.

We're wishing Simone a swift recover full of binge-watching Netflix!

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