Mischa Barton is learning the truth.

The O.C. actress finally gets some answers about her uncle's unfortunate death in this exclusive sneak peek from Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry's all-new episode tonight.

"I would consider this situation kind of tragic," Tyler Henry reveals to her. "It's a very selective way that this individual's presenting themselves when it came to what they showed emotionally and what they showed mentally. And so in that sense, there's almost a feeling of an isolative element to this."

The medium continues, "He's basically having me acknowledge that there would be questions around this passing because of basically where it would have happened. He's having me acknowledge himself and he puts himself in the context of being alone."

Mischa wonders, "Is it a negative feeling or a positive feeling or just unresolved?"

"In life, it would have been an unresolved feeling," Tyler confirms. "In death, I believe that this individual has come to terms with this."

When Tyler asks who this could be, the 31-year-old star explains, "Jared, he was my uncle. He wasn't very well mentally and they put him in a home and there's some question over whether it was suicide or an accident, so it was left very unresolved and it was very painful for the family at the time. There's a big question mark around his death because nobody was there."

The 21-year-old clairvoyant then shares a heartening message with Mischa from her uncle.

"I think the feeling that came across wasn't that he had any anger toward his passing," he says. "The feeling was basically...that passing away for him was to some extent a relief and he found a sense of peace and he has that. That hopefully will provide comfort to the family too."

Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Thursday at 8 p.m., only on E!

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