Channing Tatum Reveals the Totally Normal Secret to His 12-Year Romance

Actor shares advice for his long-lasting marriage

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 21, 2017 8:50 PMTags
Watch: Channing Tatum Reveals Secret to His 12-Year Romance

Channing Tatum has the perfect answer. 

E! News caught up with the Kingsman: The Golden Circle star shortly after ringing in his eighth wedding anniversary with Jenna Dewan Tatum. So, what's the secret to nearly a decade of marriage, especially in Hollywood? According to the star, it all comes down to having open ears. 

"Just listen to each other—that's it," he told E!'s Sibley Scoles. "There's no magic recipe. Every two unique snowflakes that meet are going to have a different combination."

Cue the awwwww! His adorable answer is enough proof for why his 12-year relationship is still going strong. 

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan: Romance Rewind

The duo, who made hearts flutter first as co-stars in Step Up, are also proud parents to 4-year-old daughter, Everly. So, is their only daughter looking for a little brother or sister?

"I don't think she wants—she's just like, 'No.' That means she would have to split mommy time," Tatum explained. "'Whatever that is needs to go.'"

While the couple have maintained a highly private life for their little one, the actor wasn't shy about describing her strong-willed personality. 

"She's a boss, too, so she would be like, 'Get rid of it,'" he added. 

It sounds like dad Channing could learn a thing or two from his little girl because he got totally tongue-tied when he first met co-star Halle Berry. Check out the video above for Tatum's hilarious reenactment.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters September 22.