2017 is the year of throwbacks.

With Twin Peaks and Beauty and the Beast, TV and film can't have all the fun! The age of the music reboot is now upon us. Justin Bieber's take on "Despacito" started the trend with the hit, making its way up to the top of the charts. And here's the latest blast from the past you would have never guessed that you needed: the "Thong Song." 

"It was time to put some new rims on the Bugatti," Sisqo tells BuzzFeed. He says he's been asked over the years to bring it back but it wasn't until he heard JCY's version that he actually wanted to make it happen. The new version has a bit more of a synth sound to it, giving it a modern twist. It's something you would hear in a club but it might even make its way onto your guilty pleasure playlist.

The 38-year-old sported silver hair and tinted small-framed sunglasses in the original video from 1999; trends that are slowly coming back into style. Something that hasn't come back with the reboot? Sisqo's air bending flips. He explains that he sustained a rib injury before shooting that made it difficult to practice choreography for the video. "Even though I had to perform in the video injured," he says, "I think it turned out pretty good."

But don't worry, the new video still has plenty of "dumps like a truck truck truck."

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