6 Clueless-Worthy, Outfit-Planning Apps We're Like Totally Buggin' Over

Inspired by Cher's high-tech closet
By Ariana Quihuiz Jul 19, 2017 4:23 PMTags
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It's been 22 years since the release of Clueless, and we're totally buggin'.

If you're a fashion lover, then you probably remember (and were obsessed) with Cher Horowitz's high-tech closet—it had a computer that would put together outfits, then spit them out for her to wear. She could go through insane amounts of clothing without ever having to try anything on (eliminating that inevitable mess/tornado of clothes left on the floor once you've finally found the perfect look for the occasion).

While the exact technology isn't readily available to you, there are still plenty of ways you can follow in Cher's footsteps when it comes to no-mess outfit planning. So, without further ado, here's a guide to the six best apps you can use to get the style icon's closet experience.

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Most also allow you to create packing lists, give style suggestions and even put together a calendar of all your outfits for the next week or month!

Keep scrolling to find the best styling app for you (note: any of them will get the job done).


If you're a travel junkie, this app is a lifesaver when it comes to packing for a vacation or business trip. It allows you to upload photos of your clothes, separate them into different categories then create and save your favorite looks. There's also a feature called 'the packing list,' which does exactly that. Choose the different outfits you want to take on your trip and the app will generate a list of every item from your closet you'll need to pack.

DOWNLOAD: Stylebook, $4

Smart Closet

This app is similar to Stylebook, just you don't have to pay the $3.99 for it. It can give you statistics based on your outfit choices, telling you the items, color, brands and full ensembles that you wear most. This allows you to pick out items better suited for your taste the next time you're out shopping, deciding between two garments or whether you should even buy an item.

DOWNLOAD: Smart Closet, free


If you're looking for a style makeover, then Polyvore is your app. Although it doesn't allow you to upload items from your own closet it does provide outfit suggestions that you can edit to fit your style, and shows what's currently trending on the site. The best part? If you find something you like, there's a link to purchase it on the app! 

DOWNLOAD: Polyvore, free


You can access this app either through your computer or on the mobile app, so it's very convenient for flexible styling. If you like to refrain from being an outfit repeater then this app is for you. Once you upload your clothes into the virtual closet and start creating outfits, the app can track the last time you wore a certain something (allowing you to space out your options). The app also gives 'Daily Outfit' recommendations based on the weather for the day!

DOWNLOAD: ClosetSpace, free


If you love dressing for the occasion (or location), this is the app for you. GlamOutfit allows you to select the type of event you need styling help for. You then input weather conditions along with any other details you want known, and another user will then choose an outfit from your wardrobe they feel is fit for the event! Keep in mind: This app needs a little time to give advice. Request your styling advice at least a few hours before you're all made up and ready to go.

DOWNLOAD: GlamOutfit, free

Pureple Outfit Planner, Closet Organizer & Stylist

This app is like Tinder, except for your clothes. Once you catalog the items in your closet, you can either style your own look or you can ask for a suggestion where the app will automatically generate an outfit recommendation for you. You can either swipe right to save a look or swipe left to show you don't like the combo. If you're interested in this app's ability to throw together suggestions that you can filter through in no time, then it's a match!

DOWNLOAD: Pureple Outfit Planner, free

As if you've been spending hours trying on clothes!

Say goodbye to your old system.