It's time to meet a real-life Prince Charming.

Proposals go down all the time at Disneyland and Disney World (there's a reason it's called the Happiest Place on Earth), but this fairy tale engagement might take the cake as the best yet. Seriously, grab the tissues. 

Ryan Macedo shared his and wife Carla's whirlwind love story with E! News, starting with a chance meeting on a flight and ending with a walk down the aisle. This isn't an average proposal, though. Ryan and his wife now have their very own piece of Disney history to cherish forever. 

It all started in May 2016 when Ryan and Carla happened to find themselves flying from San Diego back home to Seattle after visiting friends on separate vacations. Both doctors, Macedo said the pair hit it off instantly and exchanged numbers. As it turns out, both Ryan and Carla phoned their moms right after landing to share they'd just met the person they would marry!

Macedo eventually made the three and a half-hour trip from Vancouver to Tri-Cities, Wash. to visit Carla and meet her family. Only two months later, he decided to pop the question during a trip to Disneyland. He told us, "I grew up in a Disney family; every family vacation was Disneyland, so I thought that would be the perfect place to propose."

He purchased a traditional diamond ring, as well as a Mickey Mouse bauble for the actual event. Ryan originally planned to ask Carla to marry him inside Beast's library at Disney California Adventure but was sidelined. Macedo recalled, "I've got a ring in my pocket and there are kids everywhere. Every time we walked in there, I was like, 'Well this isn't going to work. I'm not doing this.'"

Disneyland Bench Couple

The hopeless romantic even considered skipping the proposal entirely, that is until he realized the nightly fireworks spectacle could work perfectly instead. Ryan discreetly approached Disney cast members with a proposition.

"I had this vision to propose at the Beast's library. It has not worked, so I'm hoping to do it here at the fireworks show, but where we're sitting is not what I envisioned. What can I do to get into [the VIP] sections?" he asked employees. Luckily, Ryan's wish was granted and the couple was invited behind the exclusive velvet ropes usually reserved for VIPs and tour groups.

Disneyland Bench Couple

Then it was show time, as Macedo got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to become his Mrs. He described Carla as feeling "completely shocked," adding, "I still didn't know if I had the nerve to do it."

He remembered telling his now-wife, "On May 29, I left my heart in the hands of the most beautiful woman I have ever met on Delta flight [number], so now I want to spend the rest of my life protecting your heart the way you've protected mine."

Of course, Carla said 'Yes!' and the duo tied the knot in December. Adorbs, right? It doesn't stop there, though! After the lovebirds officially became husband and wife, Ryan came up with an idea to celebrate his leading lady's birthday in a way she'll never forget.

Disneyland Bench Couple

He set out to purchase the same Disneyland benched he proposed on months before, which is practically unheard of by Disney's standards. Ryan explained how he pulled the whole thing off: "I literally called Disneyland, and I said, 'I have a crazy question.' And the first several people had no idea what I was trying to do... But, I finally got a hold of the right person that said, 'Well, the same bench is put in that same spot every night.'" And I said, 'I want it disassembled, and I want it mailed to me. I'll pay whatever it costs.'"

A few days later, Disney followed up with a green light on the incredible gesture. When it arrived, Ryan assembled it in the backyard of the couple's waterfront home, blindfolded Carla and prepared for the big unveil. 

(We weren't kidding when we said grab the tissues.)

Disneyland Bench Couple

Ryan said Carla broke down in tears when she realized it was the exact bench that sealed the deal on their relationship. The custom-designed placard on it read, "Once upon a time in a magical kingdom in front of an enchanted castle on this very bench on July 18, 2016, Ryan asked Carla to be his bride. Fireworks shot through the sky with tears in her eyes. Carla said yes, Ryan was overcome with joy and they lived happily ever after."

And while he didn't disclose the amount of money spent on his wife's birthday present, Ryan called it "priceless." 

A couple weeks back, the pair traveled back to Disneyland for Ryan's birthday where they reminisced on their engagement memories. "Before we leave," Macedo shared, "we walk down Main Street holding hands with [Sleeping Beauty's] Castle lit up in the background. It's the saddest moment leaving there... We'll probably go again maybe this year."

So how does Ryan plan to top himself? "Well, I have to buy the plane we met on," he teased.

The Husband of the Year award has officially been decided.

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