Julie Chrisley is brought to tears on this week's Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

In this sneak peek clip from Wednesday's new episode, Todd Chrisley and his wife get an emotional apology from a deceased family member.

"There's a weird story about someone almost being electrocuted, which is like a whole situation," Tyler says. "But I feel like I'm almost electrocuted. Do you know of any connection?"

"Yes, my brother. His name was Trey," Julie says. 

Todd and Julie go on to explain that Trey and his dad Harvey were doing an electrical job right before Trey's death where they almost got electrocuted. It was one of the last jobs the father-son duo did together before Trey committed suicide.

Todd Chrisley, Julie Chrisley, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry


As for Trey's message, Tyler continued, "He comes through very, very peaceful, but he is making a very profound connection to your dad and the feeling basically is that dad never recovers or gets over this. The reference is when I died, dad is just never, ever able to come back from this. It's almost like your dad's life ended when your brother's did."

Tyler went on, "So for him, he's apologizing almost like ‘I'm sorry that I went when I did because I didn't know that this was going to impact dad so much.'"

Julie then breaks down in tears while talking about how Trey's death affected Harvey and how different her father was after her brother's death.

Check out the clip to see the emotional moment.

Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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