The Botched docs are in for double the trouble!

In this sneak peek from Sunday night's all-new episode, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif meet with the Bruna twins, Nadinne and Dannita, who hail from Argentina. But before the sisters can even begin to discuss the surgical problems hindering their modeling careers, the plastic surgeons must ask the one burning question on their minds.

"Your butts, are they natural?" Dr. Nassif wonders.

"Eight months ago, we did a fat transfer in Colombia," Nadinne responds, confirming the doctors' suspicions.

Dr. Dubrow can't believe the Bruna twins were able to undergo the procedure based on their fit physiques. But she also reveals they had to gain six pounds each before having about 300cc's injected into both of their butts.

"The Bruna twins had probably the largest fat transfer buttock augmentation I've ever seen," Dr. Dubrow determines.

However, despite their ample size, the twins' curvy butts aren't the reason behind their visit. Nadinne wants Dr. Dubrow to fix the symmastia in her breasts while Dannita hopes to remove the excess skin under her arms.

But will the doctors be able to help them out?

"You both have problems that have well-known surgical solutions that can work," Dr. Dubrow tells them. "The question is at what cost and are you really appropriate candidates for them."

See the Bruna twins' consultation with the Botched docs in the clip above!

Watch a new episode of Botched Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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