10 Surprising Things We Learned From Kim Kardashian West's Beauty Routine

On the star's 37th birthday, we're looking at the lessons we've learned

By Alanah Joseph Oct 21, 2017 11:04 AMTags
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Happy birthday, Kim Kardashian!

There's no doubt that the social media star and style icon has had a great influence over beauty. From her reign as the Kontour Kween to supporting her little sister, Kylie Jenner, in her makeup pursuits, the makeup world is better off with her flawless face.

On this special day, we're revisiting a time when we learned 10 epic tips from the makeup guru. Kim Kardashian teamed up with YouTube vlogger and makeup artist Jaclyn Hill on a "Get Ready with Me" makeup tutorial using the now-sold out KKW Beauty Créme Contour and Highlight Kits. The result: an amusing-yet-informative conversation between two makeup lovers. Kim K., who has always relied on her world-renowned glam team (Think: makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic) and admits to her sub-par makeup skills, and Jaclyn, who's built a loyal following based on her personal beauty knowledge, were quite surprised by how much they learned from each other. But, for viewers, it was all useful. 

Kim Kardashian's Beauty Must-Haves
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Ready to step your makeup game up? Keep scrolling for all of the things we learned. 

Unlike Jaclyn, Kim K. isn't a fan of primer. "I don't really use primer." After a gasp, Jaclyn responds, "[The Sisley primer] will make you so glowy throughout the day. It's everlasting dewyness."

Sisley Paris

'Double Tenseur' Moisturizing Gel, $192


Kim came to the makeup tutorial with liquid foundations from three different brands: Chanel, La Prarie and Giorgio Armani.

Chanel & La Prarie

Chanel Ultrawear Flawless Foundation, $60; La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 15, $115

Dermablend is a popular brand for stage makeup. Kim uses their concealer palette, literally like a boss. 


Similar: Dermacolor Camouflage Creme, $37.50

"After I do a really dry concealer, I use this Make Up For Ever Lifting," Kim said as she applied the creamy product with a flat concealer brush. This isn't typical, so Jaclyn clarified, "So you do a dry, very pasty concealer and then a creamy concealer on top?" Kim's response: "Mhm."

Make Up For Ever

Lift Concealer, $26

Before Kim starts the contouring process, she bakes her concealer. After it's properly set, she removes most of the powder. "I kind of keep the corner. I'm just going to blend and brush [the powder of the outer portion of the face] off because I am going to cream contour," she says referring to the powder near the corner of her eye. "I don't want it to get all powdery."

Ben Nye

Ben Nye Luxury Powder, $13.50

Ben Nye has been around for awhile, and we were surprised the beauty star is still using a product she swore by over a decade ago. "Mario would die if he saw the products I had," she said. "They're so old school."

Ben Nye

Ben Nye Luxury Powder, $13.50

"When I do my contour, I always mix them. You definitely need two different shades," Kim revealed to viewers. The YouTuber then agreed and added, "You can use the lighter side to bring in further, and the darker side to hit it up higher."

KKW Beauty

Créme Contour and Highlight Kit

"I always do like a three," she said, tracing her product from her hairline, down her jaw, then along her jawbone. 

KKW Beauty

Créme Contour and Highlight Kit

"I love the little tip of your nose," Kim mentioned as she placed contour on her nose. According to the kontour kween, adding contour underneath "makes your nose look shorter." Has this been her secret all along?!

KKW Beauty

Créme Contour and Highlight Kit

Kim is very proud of the applicator on her contour stick. "I definitely wet the sponge. These sponges are removable." However, instead of water, she uses a facial mist—pure genius!


Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, $48

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For Kim, the brand and this makeup tutorial are about one thing: making contouring easier and more accessible. 

"I would think that everyone thinks that contour is really hard to do," Kim admitted after being asked about her goal for her new brand from a Twitter follower. "I just want to show people that I'm not the best makeup artist, but it's fun for me."

Hopefully, it's easier now!