If there's anyone who knows how to stay beautiful in the summer sun, it's Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif

The Botched star has taken his practice to a new level, offering his clients a multitude of ways to achieve confidence. "When a patient comes in for a face lift, I can get in there and lift up the deep tissue. But, one thing I cannot fix with surgery or these hands is the skin," he told E! News. Don't worry—there is a non-surgical way to get youthful-looking skin. 

According to the doctor, the sun and "oxidative aggressors" (read: harmful particles in the air) are your skin's biggest enemies. You can thank these elements for pre-mature aging, acne and brown spots. And, while many are protecting their face, the neck and décolletage take a biggest hit. Wrinkles in these areas and in the middle of the bust are normally acquired during summer months and last throughout the year.

On the flip side, you can certainly tell when someone protects their skin well. "The celebrities that really protect their skin and look great, whether they're wearing makeup or not, are Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba and Jessica Chastain," he revealed. 

Want Hollywood-level summer skin? Keep scrolling for Dr. Nassif's tips for summer skin care! 

#1 Wear Sunscreen

Most people wear sunscreen, but buying the right SPF and reapplying it every 3-4 hours makes all of the difference. "When it comes to Sun Protection Factor, SPF, the higher, the better. Usually, between 30 and 50 is best," the doctor told us. "If you have a moisturizer that's tinted and has SPF, that's great." 

#2 Hydrate Your Skin

Hydration is key, especially if you're in a dry climate (attn: Las Vegas vacationers!). Dr. Nassif's recommends an a.m. and p.m. routine to keep your skin plump and moisturized. In the morning, "you should put something on the outer layer of your skin that keeps it moist. Make your skin drink," he suggested. "We have the Hydroscreen, which has these microspheres of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in your body that absorbs and holds water. It holds it weight 1000 times more in water."

For your p.m. routine, the doctor recommends a hydrating sleep mask. "Overnight, you should use an illuminating mask. These are the leave-on mask. When you put on something that has hyaluronic acid and an antioxidant, like vitamin C, these are going to hydrate your skin all night long, and also repair [oxidative damage]."

#3 Exfoliate

"Every day, before you start, especially if you are going to wear sunscreen, you have to exfoliate."

#4 Try a LED Bed

"This is an anti-aging phenomenon. The infrared lights prevents some of the oxidative damage to your skin, and helps to repair it after you've already damaged your skin," he said while turning to a brightly lit bed, with red bulbs aligned on the surface. "I'm not saying go out and damage your skin, then hop on the LED bed, but it is something that will help you."

Shop the products below for optimal summer skin! 

ESC: Dr. Nassif's Recommended Products for Summer Skincare

"The area that gets damaged the most in the sun is your décolletage. After years of damages, you'll start to see the red spots, the brown spots and then wrinkles. The neck and décolletage don't have a lot of great healing glands. So, I have a dec serum that will repair that damage if worn twice a day."

Deco-Life Neck Firming Complex Serum, $60

ESC: Dr. Nassif's Recommended Products for Summer Skincare

"You have to wear sunscreen at least with an SPF of 30. You have to reapply it every 3-4 hours."

For makeup lovers: Makeup Setting Spray, $36

ESC: Dr. Nassif's Recommended Products for Summer Skincare

"Every day, you've got to detox and exfoliate," he warned. "My detox pads clean that skin 108 percent better than soap and water."

Detox Pads, $45

ESC: Dr. Nassif's Recommended Products for Summer Skincare

"When you're out during the summer, your skin experiences oxidative or free radical damages, which is why you should use antioxidants. Just being out in the environment hurts your skin."

Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser, $32

ESC: Dr. Nassif's Recommended Products for Summer Skincare

Overnight Illuminating Masque, $50

ESC: Dr. Nassif's Recommended Products for Summer Skincare

SPF 50 Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C, $13


Now, you can have fun in the sun! 

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