The Most Dramatic Fixer Upper Transformations of All Time

See all the magic that Chip and Joanna have done, from house boats to barndominiums.

By Seija Rankin Mar 28, 2018 11:30 PMTags

There's no way around it: Chip and Joanna Gaines are miracle workers. There a lot of reasons why Fixer Upper is one of the most popular shows on HGTV (make that all of television), and it isn't just Jo's adorable style or Chip's dad jokes that keep audiences coming back again and again. As mesmerizing as they are as a couple, everyone is really there for the house porn. 

After all, nothing is more relaxing than watching ship lap transform a house. And transform it does. Fixer Upper wrapped its fourth season this spring, which means that the Gaines' and their crew at Magnolia Market have renovated dozens of houses on-air. Each project they undertake is meant to impress but not all transformations are created equal. Some are simply more dramatic than others, whether it's because the original house was a real hot mess or because Chip and Jo pulled out every last stop. 

In the name of spicing things up during spring cleaning, we're bringing you the hit show's five most unbelievable transformations. There's something for everyone here: A landlocked houseboat turned waterfront dream, an actual shack turned into a gorgeous home and even a barndominium. (Yes, you read that right: It's a barn-turned-condominium). If the five craziest renovations still aren't enough for you, fear not: to see more Fixer Upper makeovers, just visit their website

The Shotgun House: Before

As you can see, the owners were playing it fast and loose with the term "house." But the only way to go is up, right?

The Shotgun House: After

The most impressive part of the transformation: Adding a whole second story. Double the space, double the fun, right?

The Shotgun House: After

Chip and Jo gave this couple brand new pinewood floors, huge windows in the living room and what has to be the world's most adorable vintage fridge. 

The Shack: Before

Now this is an appropriate moniker. The Shack started as not much more than a few beams and a whole bunch of paint chips. 

The Shack: After

And then, voilâ! An adorable farmhouse. The Gaines' left the footprint of the space the same, but added a vaulted ceiling.

The Shack: After

The theme for the inside of The Shack is shiplap, shiplap and more shiplap. The kitchen boasts waterfall concrete and open shelving, so there isn't an inch of the place that isn't on-trend. 

The Ultra-Modern House: Before

Before Chip and Jo got their hands on this house, it was anything but modern. 

The Ultra-Modern House: After

And after, it was less Grandma's place and more contemporary art museum

The Ultra-Modern House: After

Chip broke one of his cardinal rules by painting the bedroom's shiplap black, but it was clearly worth the risk. 

The Floating Fixer Upper: Before

Taking on a houseboat is a major challenge, but the Gaines' are nothing if not enterprising. 

The Floating Fixer Upper: After

Welcome to the Donna June! Which boasts what we can only imagine is the nation's first floating shiplap. And fun fact: That dark siding isn't painted, but rather (purposefully) burned wood. 

The Floating Fixer Upper: After

They added huge windows, raised the ceiling by over a foot and added adorable lighting and wall accents. 

The Barndominium: Before

Can a barn be a comfortable living space for anyone but horses and cows? The answer is yes, if you put Chip and Jo on the job. 

The Barndominium: After

And, of course, if you turn it into a barndominium. The house skews European, with the kitchen on the second floor, but we think that's more fun anyway. 

The Barndominium: After

The gorgeous (and huge) living room is the clear winner for Best Room in the Barndominium. 

(Originally published on Thursday, July 6, 2017, at 4:30 p.m. PDT.)