Rob Kardashian's Family "Very Disappointed" in Him After His X-Rated Blac Chyna Rant

Rob had gone on an online rant posted a video showing Chyna kissing another man in bed, plus naked photos of her, and accused her of cheating on him

By Corinne Heller Jul 06, 2017 7:28 PMTags

Needless to say, Rob Kardashian's family is not happy about his Instagram and Twitter meltdown.

On Wednesday, Rob had gone on an online rant about ex Blac Chyna. He posted a video showing her kissing another man in bed, saying she had recently sent it to him, and accused her of cheating on him. He also shared naked photos of her and what appeared to be an explicit text message exchange. He called her a "crazy person" and "disrespectful" and complained about spending tens of thousands of dollars on her, including $100,000 on plastic surgery.

He also threatened she would never see their 7-month-old daughter Dream Kardashian again "unless u stop the alcohol and drugs and cocaine and X and E." She fired back, saying on Snapchat he had "beat" her. She later deleted the Snap.

"The entire family is very disappointed in Rob's actions yesterday," a source told E! News exclusively Thursday. "All of the sisters are trying not to react publicly, and are trying to brush it under the rug."

Rob's mother Kris Jenner, the source added, is the most upset.

"She is very distraught," the source said. "Kourtney [Kardashian] is in her own world on vacation, and Khloe [Kardashian] is in her own world with [boyfriend] Tristan [Thompson]. Although the family has never been a fan of Chyna, they want what is best for Dream. The family is trying to focus on the positive things going on in their lives and hope that Rob will calm down and stop airing dirty laundry. The family is upset and thinks that Rob's actions were inappropriate."

Dream Kardashian's Cutest Pics

Another source told E! News the Kardashian and Jenner family "is loyal to Rob and will always support him" but feel he "definitely went too far."

"They are concerned for Dream and the potential impact this kind of behavior will have on her," the source added. "Having two parents who are at war with one other is not a healthy situation. Rob has a tendency to act impulsively and not think about what he is doing and who it might affect. He gets hysterical and the only way he can deal with it is to lash out at Chyna and try to humiliate her. It feels good in the moment, but afterwards he always feels bad and wishes he hadn't done or said the things he did. The Kardashians are very concerned for Dream and for Rob."

"This kind of public meltdown is not acceptable and Rob knows that, he just can't control his impulses," the source said. "They are disappointed in him and trying to teach him that he needs to put Dream first."

Earlier on Thursday, Blac Chyna's attorney Walter Mosley told E! News, "We are taking this assault against Chyna very seriously and exploring all of the legal remedies available to my client at this time."