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Review in a Hurry: In this cheap-looking CGI adventure, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. voice star-crossed lovers trying to stop a fantasy-world race war. You'd be better off spending your money on fast food than this substance-free cartoon that'll only leave you hungry.

The Bigger Picture: With all the panache of an uninspired art school thesis project, Delgo tells the story of the Nohrin, a winged race of belligerent fairies who despoiled their own territory, then moved in onto land occupied by the Lockni, a dinosaur/humanoid hybrid race able to use something akin to the Force on certain glowing stones.

A dubious truce exists, but a pissy evil queen exiled by the Nohrin (who also cut her wings off) plans on breaking it and fomenting a war. Only a pair of star-crossed lovers—macho doofus Lockni Delgo (Prinze Jr.) and romantic Nohrin Princess Kyla (Hewitt)—have a chance at unveiling the plot and preventing a large-scale race war.

Crammed into a cartoon that looks, at best, like a Playstation 3 game—minus the actual fun aspect of interactivity—they do an adequate job with material that isn't likely to excite any new fans. And considering that almost all the characters look like shaved apes, the lead actors biggest strengths—physical attractiveness—are completely neutralized. As the comedic relief, Chris Kattan fares better, since his character is the only one slightly less simian-looking than the actual voice talent.

Compared to last years Prinze-starring animated feature, Happily N'Ever After, this is a dubious step up; never particularly obnoxious, Delgo is just a bore, which, in this crowded season, is likely to be mercifully ignored.

The 180—a Second Opinion: If you find yourself dragged into this, at least have some fun playing Spot the Celebrity Voice. Michael Clarke Duncan and Burt Reynolds may be obvious, but you can you guess which character is voiced by Kelly Ripa? Or Louis Gossett Jr.?

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