Charlie Weber Opens Up About His Private Romance With Co-Star Liza Weil: "I'm Very Happy"

How to Get Away With Murder co-stars have been quietly dating since last summer

By Mike Vulpo Jul 05, 2017 11:18 PMTags
Charlie Weber, Liza Weil Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Charlie Weber is opening up about his personal relationship with Liza Weil.

One month after news broke that the How to Get Away With Murder co-stars were in fact a real-life couple, Charlie decided to share new details about how the pair went from co-workers to much more.

"We were great friends and we found ourselves in a position to be more than that and we did," he shared on the Allegedly With Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss podcast. "You spend a lot of time and I very much enjoyed spending time away from work so it all just kind of came together like that."

When the hosts admitted that they were happy to see the Ex-Patriot star so happy, Charlie expressed his gratitude for the love around him.

"It's very much appreciated because I'm very happy as well," he said.

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Back in June, Charlie's rep confirmed to People that the Hollywood pair was not only a couple, but they had been dating out of the spotlight since last summer.

The Hollywood stars would also grab the attention of fans when they were spotted holding hands during a public outing in Los Angeles.

While you may not see this couple profess their love for one another on social media every week or on every red carpet, Charlie admitted that the pair shares a lot in common.

And while their characters don't always see eye-to-eye on Shonda Rhimes' hit TV show, they have no trouble separating their personal lives from their professional lives.

"We are very like-minded when it comes to our approach of acting," he explained. [We are] two actors very dedicated to what they do and have a very easy time separating who we are and who we are as characters."

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