Here's Julian Edelman's Bubble Butt in All Its Naked Glory

Football star poses nude for ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue

By Kendall Fisher Jun 30, 2017 6:24 PMTags
Julian Edelman, ESPN Body IssuePeggy Sirota/ESPN

Happy Friday, folks...what better way to kick off your weekend than with Julian Edelman's perfectly pert derriere?!

Yes, ESPN The Magazine blessed us today with a naked cover of the New England Patriots' star for their 2017 Body Issue.

In the photo, Edelman wears nothing but some eye black as he jumps through the hair, flexing what appears to be every single muscle in his body. But let's be honest, the only muscle we can see is the biggest one...his glorious gluteus maximus.

However, not everything about Edelman's body is as pretty as his booty...according to the football stud himself.

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"I've got very ugly feet," he admitted to the publication. "The moment I got in the NFL—when I started having to do these cone drills and learning how to run routes, and your feet are just constantly going in and sliding and hitting the back or the front of your toe—my feet have just gotten so ugly. I've got a bunion on my right one. My toenails are all jacked up. I've got scars on the side of them. I'm embarrassed of them."

He continued, "I don't try to hide them, but I don't wear sandals, I'll tell you that right now. No words can describe them. They look like grim reaper feet. Tales of the crypt. Remember Tales From the Crypt?"

Peggy Sirota/ESPN

Oddly enough, his feet aren't the thing he wants to change most about his body.

"My hands," he responded when asked what he would rather change. "I've broken every finger. My pinkie's all jacked up; it gets in the way with handshakes and catching the ball sometimes. I broke it when I was a little kid playing Pop Warner, and then I broke it again later. I got it caught in a face mask, and the guy yanked his head and my pinkie got ripped. Through the years, it just doesn't straighten anymore."

As for the way he stays in shape during the off-season, Edelman admitted he's motivated by the new recruits.

"Sometimes you eat a little too many hamburgers and have a little too much fun after a season and you start feeling a little slacky," he laughed. "But the older you get, the more you realize how precious it is to be in the National Football League, and you see all the young talent and the guys who are grinding. So I firmly believe you think about that, and the best way of staying in shape is never getting out of shape."