Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Set the Record Straight on Those Divorce Rumors: ''We Are Madly in Love''

Vanderpump Rules stars are still together and more "blissful" than ever

By Kendall Fisher, Alli Rosenbloom Jun 28, 2017 5:40 PMTags

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney are happily married, thank you very much.

E! News sat down with the Vanderpump Rules couple at Kyle Chan's 3rd Annual #LoveCampaign Party at SUR where they clarified all the divorce rumors that have been circulating them lately, promising their fans that marriage has been "blissful."

They think the speculation stemmed from the fact that they don't post many pictures together on social media. 

"We don't heavily document our lives too much," Katie said as Tom added, "I just like putting weird and random stuff on my social media. I didn't even notice that. It wasn't an indication of some sort of subconscious reflection of the status of our relationship."

Still, the rumors made their way to their families. Both Katie and Tom admitted their mothers called them to double-check that everything was OK.

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"We are madly in love," Katie assured us. "I feel like marriage really suits us. We've been through so much, especially since last summer."

She continued, "Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest, but it's been like 89 percent blissful."

Tom laughed, "We like to think that we exercised all the bad stuff. We got about 15 years worth of fighting out in about three years, so we're good now. It's been smooth sailing."

Brian Baer/Bravo

He added, "We're not pretending that we're perfect. We have our ups and downs, but for the most part—at least relatively speaking in comparison to our earlier relationship—it's been blissful."

As for living out their first year of marriage in front of the camera, Tom and Katie agree it's actually been helpful.

"It's the pressure to really not run from the issues and really have to face them," Katie said. "It's cathartic in a lot of ways. I think having us put our stuff out there on the show, we can't leave any questions unanswered or any rock unturned. We really have to explore it and dive in, and its scary to do that. But I think because we've had to do that that, we've been able to do a lot of work on ourselves and in our relationship."

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Speaking of the show, we also caught up with Scheana Marie who dished that we'll probably get to see her boyfriend Rob Valletta in the upcoming season.

She, too, admitted to being blissfully in love. "He's amazing. I've never been happier," she gushed. "We're so in love."

As for her ex, Michael Shay—from who she filed for divorce in November—all she can hope for is his happiness.

"We haven't spoken at all, not since the reunion," she revealed. "I'm totally OK. I hope he's OK. I don't have any ties to him anymore, so I just want him to be OK." 


In fact, according to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, Scheana could be the next one to talk down the aisle. "According to her they're already married," Jax told us, laughing. "I'm just kidding."

Though Jax didn't reveal any plans to get down on one knee just yet, Brittany already has parts of her dream wedding picked out.

"I think I've said it like a million times," she laughed. "I have this castle in Kentucky that I love, and that's where I want to get married. I've got like all my details planned, but I'm not going to embarrass myself right now and go into too much detail."

She also hopes to raise a family the way she was raised, but she's not in any rush to do so.

"If I have a family and I have kids, I would love for them to grow up the way I grew up," Brittany revealed. "Like on a farm [where they] didn't have to worry about social media and all that drama. You just can run and play as you wish. That's what I want for my kids. I'm not pressuring anything right now, maybe years down the road. Just to be close to family is all that really matters in the end."