Steve Carell


Steve Carell is looking a touch different these days—and the entire country has noticed. 

The Despicable Me star and famed comedian has been rocking silver locks as of late and has since acquired a new label: "silver fox." While visiting The Tonight Show Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon couldn't let the moment to bring up the recent media attention pass him by.

"You're a studmuffin," Fallon complimented the star as the audience cheered. "It's not just me—look at this." The host whipped out a list of recent headlines about Carell, praising him as "insanely hot" among other digital admiration. 

One headline urged George Clooney to move over, insinuating that he has officially been replaced. "Shove aside," Carell joked. 

So, what exactly is it like to join the leagues of Hollywood's great silver foxes, like Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Clooney? 

"There's a bracelet you can get," he joked. "Mine says Steve and on the other side of the bracelet, it says, 'hunk of man meat.'" 

Clearly having a fun time with the attention, Carell turned the focus to his wife of 22 years, Nancy Carell. "My wife finally said she's in love with me," he quipped. "Very excited." 

While we highly doubt that's at all true, it seems there are tons of new ladies vying for some attention from Hollywood's newly initiated silver fox. 

Lookin' good, Steve!

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