Pretty Little Liars: A Salute to the Craziest Plotlines Ever

Pretty Little Liars is reportedly getting a reboot from the creator of Riverdale, and in honor of that news, we're revisiting some of the best and weirdest plots from the Freeform show.

By Lauren Piester Sep 05, 2020 12:00 AMTags
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Three years ago, one of TV's craziest shows bid a fond farewell. 

Pretty Little Liars spent seven seasons torturing a group of teenage girls in pretty much every relatively harmless but still bats—t crazy way imaginable, to the point where almost nothing surprised us anymore. A and the various spinoffs of that first nefarious texter did pretty much any ridiculous or sinister or ridiculously sinister or sinisterly ridiculous thing you could imagine…or did they?

Now, in honor of PLL reportedly being rebooted by Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, we're celebrating some of the silliest things to ever happen on TV. 

Below is a long list of things that happened on the show, accompanied by four things that never happened, but could have. If you can find all four fakes, A won't send a minion after you or reveal all your deepest darkest secrets. If you can't, good luck to you.

(Character names have been removed just to make it a little harder.)

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1. A bird once sang the tones of a phone number to help the liars, and that phone number led to…nowhere.

2. A once hijacked a dentist appointment to put a threatening note in one of the liars' teeth.

3. One of the liars was impregnated against her will with the stolen eggs of her best friend and the sperm of a mystery man.

4. Long before Big A's identity was revealed, she dated her cousin/adoptive brother.

5. One of the liars once wore a wedding dress with a corset lined with actual finger bones, courtesy of A.

6. A once trapped one of the moms in a car full of BEES!

7. A young Victorian girl once hung out with one of the moms, and the only explanation is that she was a ghost.


8. One of the liars murdered a person by shoving them off of a three-foot high stage, but another liar got hit by a car and one of the boyfriends got shot, and they were both fine.

9. A apparently took the time to take out all the letters aside from "A" in one of the liars' alphabet cereal. The other letters were later used to send a nonsensical but slightly threatening message reading, "Brekfst is the most importnt mel of the dy, bitches."

10. A once trapped all the drunk moms in a basement and NEVER LET THEM OUT (on screen. They got out somehow, eventually.).

11. A once hilariously escaped detection by clinging to the roof of an ambulance.

12. One of the dads was having an affair with one of the other moms, and didn't know he also had an affair with her secret twin sister.

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13. The high school English teacher hooked up with not one but two young teens, and then he married one of them.

14. A teen girl tried to drown another teen girl and then they fell in love.

15. A once built a human-sized dog house and trapped the liars inside, forcing them to bark like dogs if they wanted food. 

16. A girl's body was found, placed in a coffin, and then a funeral was held…except that girl was actually alive the whole time.

17. The girls once ordered takeout, and when they opened it, it was filled with worms! 

18. The liars blinded another teen with a firecracker, then she got her sight back, and then suddenly she was blind again. "Bitch can see!" Or can she?

19. One of the moms was revealed to have a secret twin who was revealed to be the mother of both an A and a liar.

20. A once gave one of the liars an evil back massage, followed by a threatening note.

21. One of the moms walked in on one of A's threatening projects, but A hypnotized her to forget all about it.

22. A once trapped one of the liars in a box with a corpse on a train, and the box nearly fell off the train.

23. A character once found their own grave where they've been buried for years, complete with a picture of their face on it.

24. Sia once performed as herself (in a mask) at a Halloween party, and appeared to be working for A.

25. A once made a necklace out of human teeth and gifted it to the liars.

26. One of the liars once got trapped in a coffin on a conveyor belt with a giant saw at the end.

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27. A once made a fake human body with the head of a china doll, which was then covered in a life-like mask of one of the liars' faces.

28. A once bribed a nail salon employee to paint a threatening glow-in-the-dark message on the nails of one of the liars.  

29. One of the liars got arrested, so her mom slept with the cop to make the charges go away.

30. One of the dads was having an affair with a teacher, and the teacher locked the daughter in a basement and drugged her tea.

31. One of the liars turned out to have actually been her secret British identical twin most of the time for like a whole season. 

Scroll for the answers! 


Fake: 15, 21, 24, 28, the second half of 9. 

A version of this story was originally published June 27, 2017.