GLOW will transport you back to the wonderful (to some) world of the 1980s, complete with some amazing (and not so amazing) fashions. After all, the series starring Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron is set in the 1980s and about a women's professional wrestling circuit, so you know things are going to get wild. Big hair, bold colors, sad jeans?

"Loved it," Brie told E! News about the fashions. "I loved it."

"It runs the gambit because some things make you feel very warm inside and excited, like glitter and neon," Gilpin said. "But then you'll see a windbreaker that has a brown-teal sadness…some of it is truly heartbreaking."

GLOW, Alison Brie


Netflix's new show tells the story of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), a women's professional wrestling series. In it, Brie is Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress looking for her big break, Gilpin plays her best friend Debbie Eagan, a former soap star, and Maron is Sam Sylvia, the man assembling the GLOW series.

One of those "heartbreaking" fashions Gilpin mentioned? Brie's jeans.

"Those jeans used to hurt me every day," Maron said. Brie told us the jeans would come up high, naturally, and then be tucked into her socks. Yikes.

"That was a newer move," she said about the sock tucking.

"They almost erased Alison Brie with those jeans," Maron said.

"Which I was happy—I was happy about it, to try something new," Brie said. "Beth Morgan, our costume designer, I think she did such a good job—80s fashion is very now at the same time and you could have just gotten everything at American Apparel, probably…and she really did all vintage stuff or made her own…"

But only Maron walked away with 1980s relics from the set. Click play on the video up top for more on GLOW.

GLOW premieres Friday, June 23 on Netflix.

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