Just Who Is The Gong Show Host Tommy Maitland?!

Exclusive: Get to know Tommy Maitland, the British comedy legend who is serving as the new host of The Gong Show, premiering June 22 on ABC

By Tierney Bricker Jun 22, 2017 5:05 PMTags
Watch: Who Is "The Gong Show's" Host Tommy Maitland?

Who is Tommy Maitland?

That is the questions viewers will be asking when they tune into The Gong Show, ABC's revival of iconic game show, which premieres tonight. Will Arnett, who produces the new show, said he became a huge fan of Maitland's after seeing him perform stand-up in the U.K. when he was a teenager. But American viewers may not be quite so familiar with the British comedy legend. 

E! News sat down with Tommy Maitland to learn a little bit more about him ahead of The Gong Show's premiere, although we were too afraid to address those Mike Myers rumors

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"I've been an entertainer my whole life," Maitland told us. "On my tombstone, it will read, 'Here lies Tommy Maitland. British entertainer. Please check the coffin to make sure he's actually dead.'"

And, of course, because he's British, we had to ask if he knows any members of the royal family. "I had a bit of a falling out with them," Tommy revealed. "It was an incident with Princess Margaret way back when. And they know how to rule a country and hold a grudge it seems. But they're wonderful people. They're gorgeous."

Maitland even opened up about his one encounter with Queen Elizabeth II.

"I'll never forget what the Queen said to me when I saw her. She said, 'Get out of my way.'  She didn't have to say that. That's why she's she. That's why she's her."



 Tommy said he was a fan of The Gong Show growing up, and he was excited for the show to just entertain people in a time where it's largely "sad and frustrating" new stories dominating the airwaves. 

Calling  the show "the place where the insanely talented and the insane cane find a home," he advised viewers to "turn on your telly, turn off your brain, this is just for funsies." 

To hear more about The Gong Show from host Tommy Maitland, press play on the video above. 

The Gong Show premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.