Leslie Jones ain't too proud to beg.

When the 49-year-old comic appeared on TBS' Conan Thursday, Conan O'Brien felt compelled to mention some of her more provocative tweets. For example, on Feb. 21, she tweeted, "I'm drunk and I want to have sex right now!! Dammit!!" Jones explained herself, saying, "I'm a grown-ass woman and I sent out a grown-ass tweet—and I expected grown-ass answers, OK?"

O'Brien then referenced one of Jones' tweets from March, in which she wrote, "Man I hope I get to have sex before I leave L.A.! But I don't know, the men are so scared of me out here! Where the warriors at?!" Jones insisted she "wasn't drunk" when she shared that with her 688,000 followers. "That wasn't a drunk tweet," she said. "That was just a frustration tweet!"

"This is what's upsetting me about this whole new fame thing: Everybody says that you get the fame, you get the money and you get the men," Jones said. "But it don't work like that for me!"

In contrast, Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost and Michael Che "get all kinds of women," she said.

Why is she having such bad luck? "Men are completely scared of me," said Jones, who will host the BET Awards this Sunday. "I'm 6-feet tall, I got a big mouth and I look like I might fight you."

After an audience member professed his love for her, Jones just laughed. "You're like 19! Boy, I'll break you," she joked. "Your mama be calling me every day: 'What did you do to my boy?'"

O'Brien then asked Jones what qualities she looks for in a potential boyfriend, and that's when she revealed she's "kind of" seeing someone at the moment. "It's a secret, so I don't want everybody bothering him, you know what I'm saying? I don't want to sit on television and be like, 'Oh, the type of man I'm looking for...' and then I'll talk to him and he'll be like, 'Yeah, I heard you was looking for this type of dude.' Don't get me in trouble!" Jones said. "But, I will tell you the type of dude that I like. I like a dude that makes me laugh, and it's not hard to make me laugh—it really isn't—because I like the goofiest things. I love goofy men! I love goofy men!"

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