Ariel Winter is standing up for her man.

As the Modern Family star continues her romance with Levi Meaden, the couple continues to experience their share of wild and false headlines in tabloids.

One recent story, however, propelled Ariel to speak out and defend the actor on social media.

"I have a BOYFRIEND and a PERSONAL ASSISTANT who are NOT the same person. I would NEVER pay my boyfriend ANY sort of allowance, nor would he EVER accept if I offered," Ariel wrote to her followers. "He BUYS his own stuff whether it's for me for himself, and he more than pulls his weight for our life."

She continued, "I HATE fake news, but I guess that's what our world has come to. Get your s--t straight. I don't support anyone, and I don't need anyone to support me. He's got a full career (including something huge that's new) and works hard for it. He's not just someone's boyfriend. So if you don't know us, don't comment. Xoxo."

Ariel Winter, Levi Meaden, 2017 SAG Awards, Couples

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TNT

For those who want the real story, it appears Ariel and Levi have never been happier. In addition to walking red carpets and attending Hollywood events together, the couple recently got matching tattoos.

Plus, the two are living together and dividing the typical household duties between themselves.

"My boyfriend and I live together and he cooks," Ariel recently shared with Jimmy Kimmel. "I can't cook at all. He takes care of all that handy stuff. He's great. He does all that. I can bake pies occasionally, pumpkin and apple."


"I'm like, the worst 'wifely' person but whatever," she added. "Like I said, I baked those pies. He does everything else."

And because these two are familiar faces in the industry, chances are more rumors will surface soon. Next time around, Ariel hopes her fans will look towards the source of the information being reported.

"Star Magazine is OBVIOUSLY a non-reputable source and a trash magazine, but seriously how dare you make up stuff that you have no idea about?" Ariel added.

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