Kim Kardashian West is sharing her kardinal rules of kontouring. 

But, first, let's set the record straight: She's not competing with little sister Kylie Jenner for the beauty queen crown. 

Kanye West's better half, known for popularizing the sculpting technique first used by drag queens in the ‘70s, debuted her highly anticipated Crème Contour and Highlight Kits ($48) on Tuesday, launching the first of many products to come from the mogul's new cosmetics line, KKW Beauty.

"The way I personally do makeup has been a little bit lighter, so that's why I wanted to start with cream contour, because it's so buildable," Kim shared with an intimate group of beauty editors. "It's my go-to product if I just want to look tan, or if I want a little bit of something to make me feel alive, I would just use that over blush or anything."

E! News caught up with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star at the event, where she revealed the adorable way Kylie is "ruining" Kim's life, her five-minute face and, of course, contour tips galore.

On Kylie Cosmetics vs. KKW Beauty...
"Kylie and I love collaborating on our lip kit together, but also makeup is both of our passion," Kim told E! News' Carissa Culiner. "A lot of my products, starting when we do our concealer, is going to have anti-aging components in it. So I'm definitely focusing on skin. We don't have many of the same products. We really aren't competing. I will say Kylie can do her makeup better than I can."

On North West, Budding Makeup Maven
"I texted a picture to Kylie yesterday, and I said, ‘You're ruining my life,' and she was like, ‘What's going on?' and I texted her all these pictures," shared the Kimoji queen. "I had to go to a wedding. We were all dressed. I was rushing to get out of the door, and North comes down in…[Kylie Cosmetics'] June Bug, this bright purple, all over her face. I'm late to the wedding now, getting all this makeup off of her, and she's like, ‘It's purple—it's my favorite color!'

On Her Minimal Makeup Look…
"I actually do my makeup in just five minutes," Kim revealed. "That's why I literally created this, because I only have five minutes sometimes. I do my contour around my forehead, down my cheeks and around my jawline, blend it all, put a little highlighter in some places and that's it. You can run out the door, look fresh, dewy—it's insane."

On Creating a More Dramatic Look…
"Powder contour? That might be my next thing coming out," Kim teased to E! news. "If you want the drama, you need to layer it: cream first and then the powder—it kind of sets it. Instead of the translucent powder that you'd set it with, it's with the darker contour, so it just gives it an even more dramatic look."


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On Her Cardinal Contour Rule…
"Blending is the key. You can always make it lighter and lighter and blend it out for sure, but I just think you have to know the area you want to highlight and that you want to contour with," she advised. "Like I know I love to contour my nose. I have this bump on here, and when I don't contour it, it always just gives a shadow, so if I'm doing a certain angle, it'll just look way bigger and it's not. It's just the shadow that it casts, but when I contour, it's just not there."

On Beauty Regrets…
"I did do bleached brows for the Met one year, and then I was like, ‘Fuck, why did I do that?' I looked crazy. So there are those moments where sometimes you're like, ‘I'm going to do a pretty look all the time, because I'm so scared, because I tried something risky and it didn't work out.' [Makeup artist] Mario [Dedivanovic] does push me. One time we got into the biggest fight over this blue eye. I remember Kanye and I were in New York. We were going to John Legend's birthday party, and he just wanted me to have this blue eye. And I was like, ‘There's not a chance I'm going to do a blue eye.' And he was like, ‘Fine, I won't.' I wasn't paying attention, I was on my phone, I looked up and the next thing I know, I had this electric-blue eye and I ended up loving it."

Big risks. Big rewards.

The Crème Contour and Highlight Kits come in four shades: light, medium, dark and deep dark. The kits are available June 21, at 9 a.m. PST, on

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