Because who would you rather receive style advice from other than Selena Gomez's stylist?

Christian Classen is not only responsible for the singer's latest street style ensembles, he was also the fashion force behind every single one of her Revival Tour looks—and in turn, transformed her whole wardrobe from that moment on.

Through clothing on stage and off, he created and then curated what he told Vogue was, "an amplified extension of the style she has for red carpet and streetwear." Really honing in on and magnifying Selena's newfound persona, which isn't an easy task.

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"My job is to curate a visual brand that is very specific to each individual client through color, silhouette, mood and vibe," started the style guru. "The world then starts to identify and say, ‘Hey, I want to look like this celebrity or that celebrity.' For example, no matter the overall style direction, the pieces I choose for Selena are always clean and classic but have a twist to them. It's like a simple blue jean, but it's deconstructed. Or a classic cat-eye frame, but the lens is red instead of black."

Are you taking notes? He's giving you the exact formula you need to dress like the pop star. But Selena's wardrobe aside, the true goal of any style star is to find what works for them—being influenced by others is completely kosher, but it's important to dress for yourself. Here's Christian's advice.

On trends…
"I don't love any trends, to be honest. I like what I like and just stick to that. I'm always about just making sure the client looks chic, happy, elevated, and beautiful."

On the one thing every woman should have in their closet…
"Good shoes. You can wear a $10 dress with beautiful shoes and you look elevated. Cheap shoes with an expensive dress? Automatically looks like a cheap dress."

On his fashion advice to you…
"Tailor everything to your body and only invest in classic staple pieces. Your closet will never age."

On his influences (because, again, those are necessary)…
"People wise: Vanessa Traina, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Hutton and Wednesday Addams. But I listen to music 24/7—it's a huge source of inspiration to me, especially when I'm creating mood boards. Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails, ‘90s rap, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf. I listen to a lot."

On the key to a great outfit…
"A smile. If you go through all the best red carpet photos, they are always smiling, confident and relaxed. Nothing is worse than a girl who looks miserable."

There you have it: fashion advice from Selena's stylist himself...does it get much better than that?

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