Did Kate Beckinsale and Simon Pegg's onscreen romance from Absolutely Anything carry on into real life? Absolutely...not. 

In this hilarious exclusive gag reel not available on DVD, we get a behind the scenes look at the making of the Brtish comedy. Beckinsale, who plays a love interest in the movie for Pegg, teases us with a near intimate makeout before bursting into laughter leaving the audience wanting more.

Starring Pegg, Beckinsale and Rob Riggle, the hysterical film takes us on a journey of a discouraged school teacher (Pegg) who suddenly has the power to do "absolutely anything."

This power, granted to him by the eccentric aliens of space, is a test to see if Pegg will use it for good or evil.

As problems and struggles arise due to his newfound power, Pegg turns to his loyal dog Dennis for help, who is voiced by the late Robin Williams. In the end, Pegg is faced to decide between man's best friend and true love.

Absolutely Anything is available June 27 on Digital HD and DVD.

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