No surprise here but heartwarming to hear nonetheless: George Clooney and Amal Clooney are "elated" to become parents, a source told E! News exclusively Thursday.

E! News confirmed on June 6 that the human rights attorney had given birth to their first children, twin son and daughter, Alexander and Ella.

The family of four spent "a little over three days" at the hospital before heading to their home in England, where they have been joined by their nearest and dearest, such as Amal's sister Tala Alamuddin.

"It was a longer birth than expected but the babies are healthy and beautiful," the source said. "They were able to keep a low profile at the hospital and even have family and friends visit."

"They're elated. I don't think you've ever seen a happier pair," the source added. "There's a positive energy in the house and everyone around them, including all staff, who are in great spirits too."

George's father Nick Clooney said on Good Morning Britain last week that the twins are "beautiful." He said "George will be an absolutely wonderful father" and that "Amal will be—and already is—a magnificent mother."

George Clooney, Amal Clooney


When it comes to first-time parenting, George, 56, and Amal, 39, are naturals.

"You'd think that twins would be overwhelming for anyone but they seem to have taken to this like ducks to water, all in their stride," the source continued. "They're both attentive, warm, loving parents. You could see that even in the run up to having the kids...even months ago, in the way George would fuss and fret over making sure security at the house was safe and the nursery was perfect."

Of course, the two have enlisted some help. The source said the couple has hired for eight weeks a night nurse who is helping to set a sleeping schedule for the twins.

George's dad had said the actor will be hands on when it comes to diaper duty, saying on Good Morning Britain, "And he will do it with humor and with joy."


In addition to family and friends, George and Amal have also received much support from their local community.

"It's been difficult to keep the photographers away from the house but the locals in the area have been great, they all love having George and Amal here, so you'll hear about them moving on any cars they don't recognize and shoo'ing off photographers they see roaming around," the source told E! News. "I guess you could say that's one of the things George and Amal love and the area—a real sense of community spirit."

And their home has never looked lovelier.

"You've never seen as many flowers that have been delivered to the house recently. It's like a florist!" the source said. "And the number of gifts continue to grow. There are going to be a lot of thank you cards going out!"

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