Jill Zarin, Bethenny Frankel

ADRIEL REBOH/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

It's been so long, Jill Zarin can't even remember why she and Bethenny Frankel have cut each other out of their lives. 

The Real Housewives of New York City foes were embroiled in a feud so deep, they have not spoken since, but turns out—Zarin can't even remember why the fight started in the first place. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, she was asked to contemplate what she would say to her former friend if they saw each other again today. Drumroll please!

"I think I would say, 'I don't even remember what it was about,'" Zarin admitted candidly. "I don't even remember what we fought about."

Of course, she would probably greet her before they hashed things out. "I'd give her a hug and a kiss," she pointed out. 

So, what did they fight about all those years ago? According to Frankel, Zarin wanted to be included in her fame. 

"I remember there was a turning point and I was hosting the Today show," Frankel told Andy Cohen in 2015. "When I got there, the first thing that was told to me by the producers was Jill called her and she lost her mind. ‘Why not me? I'm better than her.'"

The SkinnyGirl mogul recalled getting invited to do other shows in Los Angeles and claimed Jill would ask why she wasn't bringing her along and that they'd be better together. "Listen, I'm not in a girl band," Frankel retorted to Cohen.

It famously all blew up on camera with Zarin's infamous "I'm done" phone call. "It was like, 'Whoa, this is one cunning bitch,'" Frankel said. "She's waiting to be on camera to come at me with things and make America hate me. It was really clear that she wanted people to hate me."

"It must be very difficult for her that she can say she's responsible for putting me on the show and people say I'm the most successful Housewife in history and she would've been on the ride with me," Frankel told Cohen. "You know, pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered and that's how it goes."

Perhaps it's better that these two don't run into each other on the street. 

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