Jamie Foxx isn't known for his subtlety.

So, when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday to promote his new movie Baby Driver, Jimmy Kimmel wanted to live vicariously through his guest. "You're turning 50 later this year. I'm also turning 50 later this year. I mean, you have crazy parties just on a Wednesday," he said. "What in God's name do you have planned for your 50th birthday? Is anything set yet?"

"I am going to...I can't say that on camera," Foxx replied. "I'mma go crazy. There's an island." Kimmel was curious as to how many guests he will host. "It'll be in progression of the people down to my real dawgs," Foxx said. "It'll be family, family, family—'OK, y'all get outta here.'"

Foxx's birthday party won't be Survivor-themed, per se, but Kimmel couldn't help but draw a comparison. "People will be eliminated from the island," he laughed, "like the reality shows."

The actor—born Dec. 13, 1967 in in Terrell, Texas—feels like a kid at heart, so this will be an odd birthday. "How do you feel? I don't feel old," he told Kimmel. "I still feel young and goofy."

Foxx first realized he's getting older when other celebrities referred to him as an O.G.

As another example, the 49-year-old actor told Kimmel, "I can't go to clubs in L.A. It's all young people in clubs in L.A. It's older people in New York and Miami. My [23-year-old] daughter's in the back; she knows what I'm talking about. I was going to 1OAK, and as I'm about to walk in, these girls go, 'Oh, my God! Jamie Foxx!' I was like, 'What's up?' 'We go to school with your daughter!' 'Oh!' 'Are you going to the club?' 'No...It's an open house that I'mma go see.'"

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