Outrageous, delightfully vulgar ambush documentary. But the laughter stops when Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakh journalist shares his racism and homophobia with everyday folk, revealing the good, bad and ugly in America.

By Dezhda Mountz Nov 03, 2006 12:50 AMTags

Jagshemash, America! Welcome to Sacha Baron Cohen's brilliant alter ego, Borat! A Kazakh journalist with a penchant for bigotry and sexism, Borat rampages across America on a goodwill tour to "make benefit" for his homeland. It's a fantastic opportunity for Cohen to unleash outrageous, delightfully vulgar behavior on innocent bystanders.

With just a rough story outline, Cohen improvises so many well-timed retorts in these run-ins with unwitting participants, that the constant laughter is exhausting.

But the laughter stops short when the seemingly clueless Borat shares his Stone Age attitudes about racism, gender and homophobia with everyday folk. As he road-trips through the nation's Bible Belt, he lulls "normal" Americans into revealing the good, bad and ugly of this country—beliefs more disgusting than any of Borat's (many!) poop gags.

Cohen has updated the art of racial satire for a new, troubled world, and Borat is its king.