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Posing for the 'gram is truly an art.

You're already familiar with Bambi Pose, a term coined by Elle.com editor Julie Schott, and know its meaning thanks to this article, but contrary to what you might think, you still have a lot to learn, young grasshopper.

Thanks to everyone from Shay Mitchell to Kendall Jenner to even Jennifer Lopez, Instagram has now successfully bred its very own dictionary of poses—seven to be exact. And they're to be taken seriously. Starting now.

Cuffed Jeans Are Making a Comeback

So how exactly does one correctly pull off floaty pose? Or the infamous proof-I-eat pose? Grab a piece of paper and a pen because you're about to get schooled by your favorite celebs on today's hottest Instagram poses—just in time for summer.

You Don’t Sit Like This? Pose

This one's possibly our favorite. It's the most natural-looking yet unnatural way to sit and the celebs you follow on Instagram (like Olivia Culpo) have perfected it. Wondering how to nail it? Pick a spot, sit down, bend your knees and maneuver your gams as desired. The more obscure, the better (not to mention: shorter legs can be made to look super long in this position). 

Ashley & Shay post up with proper form at a recent visit to Instagram HQ. Fitting, no?

And Sofia Richie's taking a more laid-back approach with one leg propped up poolside.

Bambi Pose

You're already familiar with this internet phenominon (thanks to Elle.com editor Julie Schott, who coined the term), so we don't need to further explain, but look how adorable Selena Gomez is?

Joining her, with actual flowers in her hair, is Nicola Peltz. Bonus points for creativity.

Your last example of this is Kourtney Kardashian with a mirror selfie version. Nailed it.

Floaty Pose

Kendall Jenner's coming in hot with the floaty pose—possibly our favorite for the summer season. It's just as it sounds: ride a pool float with legs spread on either side of whatever mystical creature you've chosen to ride, sit up straight and you're doing it.

Nice form, Alessandra Ambrosio!

Contrary to what you might think, you don't actually have to be riding a floaty to pull off this pose. Pull a Hailey Baldwin and just pretend!

Proof-I-Eat Pose

Now a common misconception among the public is that our favorite style stars don't eat, but they're on Instagram to set the record straight. Primarily with pizza.

See Baywatch babe Charlotte McKinney posing with her meat lover's 'za? Classic.

And lastly, carb-lover Caroline Vreeland (if you follow her on IG, you know what we mean) showing you, yet again, how it's done.

Napping Forever Pose

Being famous is exhausting, so what better way to depict that then with an IG post? Like Kendall, the only way this pose really works is if you're clearly dressed and ready to go somewhere not your bed. Then snap a pic of you lounging in your chic ensemble, et voila.

Jennifer Lopez knows what's up. Look at her catching some much-needed fake Zzz's, posted up on a couch still in heels.

Then there's Dove Cameron's take where she wants you to get a close up of her killer makeup, but it's clear she's lying on the floor. Well done!

#Ad Pose

This one's an inevitable pose for most influencers with something to sell. Here's Kim Kardashian trying some new Kimoji merch out and making you want it.

Here's sister Khloe Kardashian casually showing you her waist trainer.

And here's Vanessa Hudgens with some sort of tea that will, supposedly, give you a strong V.Hud-worthy tummy. Give this pose a try, and don't forget to tag #ad if you're actually getting paid.

Fish-Out-of-Water Pose

This could debatebly be the most natural, unatural pose of them all. Like Taylor Swift is perfectly demonstrating, it's about emerging from a large body of water in a super cool, mermaid-esque way—looking like the snap was a happy mistake, when we all know it was probably one of at least 20 takes.

Like blogger Shea Marie, you don't even have to get your hair wet to pull this one off. Just hop in the water, make sure half your body is submerged and do whatever you feel with your face.

Chiara Ferragni's got the idea.

What an education, right?

Happy 'gramming.