Kim Kardashian Breaks Down Her Social Media Strategy and How It's Helped Expand Her Empire

Reality star discusses business with Steve Forbes at the Forbes Women's Summit

By Kendall Fisher Jun 13, 2017 10:18 PMTags
Kim KardashianFreddie Baez/

All eyes were on Kim Kardashian at the Forbes Women's Summit today.

The reality star sat down with Steve Forbes and gave a talk entitled "Evolving the Empire: Kim Kardashian West on Reigning Supreme" in front of a 300-person audience.

She touched on her business ventures—including her upcoming beauty line—as well as her strategy for building one of the biggest social media followings in the world.

"Social media is the most important tool to building your brand," she told the crowd. "Social media requires you to be authentic and listen, especially when it comes to building your brand."

In fact, each platform has a different role and importance to her.

When it comes to Twitter, she said, "I love the conversation with people. I think people love to promote, but for me, I listen a lot."

Kim Kardashian's Beauty Must-Haves

While she thinks Snapchat is the perfect tool to "show your everyday life," she's a bit more cautious with her Instagram. 

"If people think you just post and it's so easy, it's not," she told the audience. "I like my Instagram to look a certain way, and I'm really a lunatic about it because sometimes there is so much pressure to post, too."

Of course, Steve couldn't help but ask the reality star about her break from social media following the Paris robbery. 

"When you take time for yourself, magic happens," she told the crowd.

Perhaps the "magic" she's talking about is finding the inspiration behind her upcoming beauty line, which she said feels like the culmination of everything she's done in the past.

"I feel like my whole career has been leading up to these launches this year, which are authentically me," Kim explained. 

In fact, she dove a little deeper into the beauty line she's been teasing, saying, "I'm launching a fragrance at the end of the year, and these are all projects I'm doing full ownership…every last detail from the box, to the packaging, to being in the factory and feeling every packaging detail."

She continued, "I'm 100-percent involved in and that's so prideful for me...Being an owner is really important to me."

Kim also sat down ahead of the event to express how proud she felt after landing the cover of Forbes last year.

"That was powerful to me. It was a marker to prove to me how hard I really have worked," she said. "I'm not saying everyone needs a cover to make them feel like they really achieved something, but I think for all the scrutiny that's out there."

She added, laughing, "Not bad for a girl with no talent!"