Katy Perry's Best Candid and TMI Moments From Her Live Stream

The singer went all Big Brother on her fans for four days, broadcasting her life on a live stream aimed at promoting her Witness album

By Corinne Heller Jun 11, 2017 9:06 PMTags
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What a whirlwind few days Katy Perry has been through.

The singer went all Big Brother before and during the weekend, broadcasting her life on a YouTube live stream aimed at promoting her Witness album. Fans got to see her confess some NSFW and some painful things about herself, extend an olive branch to Taylor Swift, watch her record makeup tutorials, joke around with friends such as James Corden and even sleep.

Here are some highlights from her live stream:

Katy Perry's Best Looks

1. Best in Bed? During a Truth of Dare-like game with Corden, Perry ranked three of her exesDiploJohn Mayer and Orlando Bloom, according to their sex performances. She also named another ex who she appears to still pine for.


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2. Speaking of TMI: Perry said that in the early days of the Internet, she "definitely cybered," aka had cybersex.

Perry also declared during a makeup session Sunday that she forgot to shave her armpits. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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3. Apologies to Taylor Swift: Perry seems to want to put her "Bad Blood" with her longtime adversary aside; During a chat with Ariana Huffington on her podcast, the singer said, "I forgive her and I'm sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her. I think it's actually like, I think it's time. There are bigger fish to fry, and there are real problems in the world. You know what I'm saying?" 

Swift has not commented.

4. Katy Gets Emotional: The singer took part in a live therapy session, during which she said she felt "ashamed" of having had suicidal thoughts in the past. She had chanelled her feelings into her 2013 track "By the Grace of God," which is about her and ex-husband Russell Brand's split.

Katy Perry's Hair Through the Years

5. Cooking With Gordon Ramsay: Hijinks ensued when Perry joined the celebrity and TV chef in the kitchen, where she uttered lines such as "I'm a pop star! You're a chef. Stay in your lane" and "You can call my meatballs bland but you don't call my music bland."

"Never," Ramsay said.

Perry said days later on the live stream she is good at making sandwiches and that her past lovers have said she should open a sandwich shop.

6. Tea and Dirty Charades With RuPaul: "I love what you've done with the place," the TV personality said, before sitting down for tea, for a pit stop on the way to the L.A. Pride Parade.

The two had a conversation about life before beginning a game of Dirty Charades.

7. Talking Religion: Perry talked to RuPaul about her faith, saying she prays and talks to God "all the time." The singer, whose parents are Pentecostal ministers, also revealed she can speak in tongues.

"I haven't done it for a long time and I'm not going to show everyone now," she said. "I would say it would be just like Christian's version of chanting."

She also paid tribute to her parents, saying that while they tend to "agree to disagree," they "gave me integrity and character and I appreciate all that."


8. Rrrrribbit! Perry demonstrated a hidden talent: She can imitate a frog by inflating and deflating her throat.

"It's the weirdest grossest thing. I'm sorry I had to show you," she said, adding, "It's like a muscle I found to flex. I'm not even pushing it open with air."

Perry was delighted to hear from fans who wrote in the live comments that they could do it too.


9. Zzzzzzz: Perry was filmed sleeping in pajamas and an eye mask on a round bed surrounded by a curtain, alongside her dog Nugget. Corden woke both of them up once. Another wake-up call was performed by, yes, Left Shark.

10. Dance Like Everybody's Watching: Perry's new music was streamed throughout the live stream and she also danced and sang to her own songs, which she said she does not typically do, while her entourage made her breakfast.

11. Best Is Yet To Come: TMZ is reporting that the livestream will end with a free secret concert by Miss KP.