Braids are a popular summer go-to. They're easy to do, protective and, most of all, pretty. 

The only problem: As a popular technique, the more basic styles can lack the originality and sophistication you may desire. Your summer, possibly filled with weddings, graduation parties and other memorable moments, needs something easy, protective and unique. 

Enter the crown braid, a clear winner in elevated braiding styles. It's an up-do that can be dressed up or casual, depending on the styling. Plus, when it's hot and sticky outside, this hairstyle keeps your hair protected and off your neck. Gabrielle Union, Vanessa HudgensKerry Washington and Ciara are just a few of the celebs that have taken the hairstyle onto the red carpet, proving the style's noteworthy beauty.

Now, there's a new crown braid that offers a major impact. After spending weeks filming Bravo's "Invite Only: Cabo," celebrity hairstylist and reality TV star Larry Sims came back inspired to create a summer style that's versatile, always appropriate and original. The result: a gold-laced crown braid, which doubles as this season's hottest braided style and accessory. This style exists where royalty meets practicality—a beauty dream. 

Ready to hit refresh on the crown braid? Watch the video above for a breakdown of the look! 

Step 1: Create the starting point of the braid at the top of the head.
Step 2: Grab your ribbon and double it up for a fuller look.
Step 3: Create three sections of hair at the starting point of the braid.
Step 4: Grabbing the middle section of the hair, anchor the ribbon.
Step 5: Braiding under, instead of over for a more refined look, keep the braid centered and tight.
Step 6: For long hair, double up the braid for a headband effect.
Step 7: Secure the braid with French pins.
Step 8: Loosen the braid and shift it forward.
Step 9: Pull down fly-aways.

"Invite Only Cabo" airs Sunday nights at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo!

Model's clothing: Vitamin A

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