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Miranda Kerr's beauty regimen is actually magical. 

Much to our delight, the recent bride just revealed her makeup bag must-haves—supermodel-level skin, here we come! As you'd probably guess, face oil and concealer were among the chosen few. But, there was one item that really caught our attention: a crystal wand.

"Another little thing that I always carry in my handbag is a crystal wand," she told Byrdie, as she held up what appeared to a crystal ball atop a pointed crystal. "This wand is great to use for meditation. It's also great to use on your acupuncture points."


?These are a few of my favorite things?

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The "Quartz Crystal and Amethyst Meditation Wand" (similar here and here) is thought to have spiritually healing properties, such as cleansing chakras. And, celebs are taking full advantage. "My crystal wand is incredibly special to me, and is one of my most cherished items," Miranda told Kora Organics in 2015. "Clear Quartz is a great stone for gathering, directing and transmitting energy...It can also transform negative energy into positive energy." Sounds magical, right?

The model also uses the crystal ball to massage her face: "Massaging the body with a crystal helps to release tension from the body, while at the same time the stone's healing energy is transferred to the body." While alleviating tension, moving a cold crystal on your skin also helps to reduce puffiness and irritation by increasing blood circulation—a great solution for those of us struggling with allergies (...or hangovers). 

In fact, Miranda also revealed her love for the Georgia Louise Lift and Sculpt Butterfly Stone. This butterfly-shaped rose quartz is specifically designed for facial massages, and has different healing properties than the clear quartz. "Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to heal and protect the heart, balance emotions, release stress and tension, and encourage love and self-esteem," the model explained.

Sounds like your makeup bag is missing crystals!

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