Wedding Crashers

ByJul 15, 2005 7:00 AMTags
You are cordially invited to attend a summer movie that isn't a sequel, doesn't blow anything up and gives originality a good name. Playboys Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson see weddings as a chance to score free champagne while scoring with unfulfilled bridesmaids. But when they hit up the biggest wedding of the season, Wilson commits the ultimate party foul: He actually falls for the engaged Rachel McAdams (and Vaughn hooks up with her naughty sister Isla Fisher).
It leads to a weekend away with the strange family, including McAdams' aggro fiancé Bradley Cooper, bizzaro dad Christopher Walken and sex-starved mom Jane Seymour. The one-liners are fast and furious, Vaughn has never been funnier, and the supporting cast is always one-upping each other. Better yet, the raunchy film doesn't pull any punches and goes right for the R rating. We'll drink to that!