Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, The Late Late Show, Drop the Mic

Craig Sugden/CBS

Jennifer Hudson and James Corden went head to head in a musical showdown—but only one could emerge a winner. 

The Oscar winner and Late Late Show host took turns rhyming Wednesday night in a new installment of "Drop the Mic," set in Corden's native England. Spoiler alert: the burns were aplenty. 

Topics of attack included Hudson's elimination on American Idol and Corden's weight among other hilarious jabs. "You remember Jen—she got famous in the states on American Idol for coming in seventh place," the host began. "Basically tonight I'm confusing what I'm doing. I'm battling a woman who's famous for losing."

It was only the start to this ruthless battle as Corden subsequently took aim at Hudson's most famous film. "You won an Oscar for Dreamgirls—I get it. No one remembers you in that film because Beyoncé's in it."

Fortunately, soon it was the songstress' turn to defend herself. "You here, at home and everywhere that you go, but the thing that you do best James is grow," she said as she touched his stomach. "No more fat jokes because it's below the belt. I mean it though, but you can't see it though, just like your penis ohhhh."

"I've seen it. I've seen it," he retorted. "You wanna know someone who's never going to see it? You!"

As the battle came to a head, Hudson explained why it really doesn't matter that she lost Idol. "Yeah James I lost Idol—you got it me. You right. I won an Oscar, a Grammy—hell, I won in life."

To finish it all off, she used her award-winning pipes. "You think you can beat me? I'm so confused how," Hudson concluded before launching into her signature "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" riff with improvised lyrics.

Needless to say, the belt brought down the house—and won her the rap battle.

Cue the mic drop! 

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