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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been together for over 20 years, and while that kind of love is a reward in itself, it's also proven to have some other benefits, too.

Both Tim and Faith saw quite a bit of success in the early '90s, and they ended up getting together at the peak of their careers in 1996. Faith joined the country crooner on his Spontaneous Combustion Tour, and they ended up falling hard and fast for one another. They married in October of that year and welcomed their first child, Gracie, into the world in May of 1997.

Many stories like this would continue by saying "the rest was history," but the rest was only about to get better for these two. 

The next 20 years of marriage proved to not only be filled with love, family (including two more daughters, Audrey and Maggie), friendship and tons of memories, it also proved to be quite lucrative, too.

Tim and Faith have built a massively successful empire together...and by massive we mean $145 million worth. Just check out some of the numbers below...

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw

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$145 Million: Together, it's estimated that the couple is worth a whopping $145 million, which puts them in the list of top earning celebrity couples.

$80 Million: Faith's estimated net worth adds up to around $80 million thanks to her music career as well as her occasional acting roles on television shows and movies. She's also seen some payoffs from her fragrance line as well as her involvement with the NFL's Sunday Night Football.

$70 Million: Tim's estimated net worth comes in around $70 million, which can be chalked up to his music career as well as a couple acting appearances here and there. 

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards, Show

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20 Million: Faith has sold over 20 million album units since debuting her first album in 1993. She's released seven studio albums, four compilation albums and 42 singles.

40 Million: Tim has sold over 40 million album units since his debut album in 1994. Since then, he's released 14 studio albums, 11 compilation albums and 67 singles—all of which have grossed around $530 million.

$139 Million: After getting together, Tim and Faith decided they didn't want to spend more than a few days apart. Thus, they started touring together in 2000 with their first Soul2Soul tour. They followed that tour with the Soul2Soul II tour on which they embarked in 2006. The first grossed $50 million and the second grossed $89 million, becoming the highest grossing country music tour of all time (a record they held for several years). Together, the two tours grossed around $139 million. The couple has recently taken off for their third tour together, the Soul2Soul World Tour, which will only continue to add to their empire.

$18.3 Million: The couple just put their Franklin, Tenn., mansion on the market for $18.3 million. The 3,152 square-foot home was built in 1800 and features three bedrooms with four baths as well as a master suite. The home also boasts six fire places and is part of a 622-acre property they own (though they sold off 131 acres of it in 2015). Faith and Tim bought the property in two separate transactions 17 years ago (in 2000) paying $13.75 million total for both. 

20 Acres: The couple have recently transition their permanent residence to the 20-acre Bahamas island that they call "L'île d'Anges." They bought the land in 2003, and it took over a decade to develop as they realized it was like building a small town. We can only imagine the cost that went into that!

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Audrey Caroline McGraw

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$85,000: This is the base price listed for Faith's car—a Range Rover, which she shared a photo of her hubby washing on Instagram not too long ago.

$149,000: Tim keeps a couple cars in his garage (that we know of), which add up to around $149,000. First and foremost, he's always talked about his red Jeep Wrangler, which he shared a photo of last year, noting "that's how I'll always be." He also owns a Land Rover Defender 90, which can cost around $70,000 as well as his late father's vintage Mercedes 200 series 280SL, which he could sell upwards of from $64,000.

Priceless: Although the couple is certainly not lacking when it comes to finances (they live on a damn island!), there's one thing money simply can't buy...20 years of marriage and unbreakable love.

"Tim has given me confidence and strength and my foundation," Faith said in an interview in 2000. "He makes me feel like I can conquer the world."

Tim, on the other hand, said,  "I'm lucky to have her. She's the light of our whole family's life. She keeps everything going for us. We all strive to be like my wife, everybody in our family. If your wife holds the example for everybody in your family, that's a good thing."

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