Janice Dickinson's late mother and grandmother gave her some wonderful news on Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

On Wednesday's episode, Janice met with Tyler Henry, who was able to connect her with her mom and grandma. Janice recently overcame breast cancer and Tyler told her that they wanted her to know they were they with her throughout the process. Janice's grandma even told her that she's now "completely fine."

Tyler told Janice that her grandma was having him, "Immediately talk about the woman who would've dealt with the breast cancer. She's acknowledging overcoming this, getting through it."

Janice said that it was her and that she just overcame breast cancer.

"There's a feeling in the way that this comes through from her end, please know that you do not have to worry moving forward about this being a concern," Tyler told Janice. "It's her number one priority that you know that you are completely fine, there's nothing to worry about, they have been with you through this."

We then saw Janice burst into tears after hearing that her mother and grandma were there with her through this experience. She then said that she felt so "blessed and at ease" knowing that they've been with her.

Earlier in the reading, Janice was also connected to her late friend John Belushi, who passed away 35 years ago in March 1982. Take a look at the videos above to see Janice react to reconnecting with her beloved friend and see what she had to say about his passing.

Plus, in the Hollywood Medium recap video, you can also see the readings Tyler did with Marlee Matlin and Joanna Krupa. In Marlee's meeting with Tyler, he was able to answer questions that she had about what happened to her at 18 months old and how she became deaf.

During Tyler's reading with Joanna, which took place before her separation from her husband Romain Zago, Tyler was able to connect her to her late grandma who wasn't able to be there at her wedding physically, but explains she was aware of it in spirit, which makes Joanna cry.

Watch the video above to see all of the most shocking moments from this episode!

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