Jewelry You Can Gift Your Bridesmaids (That They'll Want to Wear Again)

These options are far from tacky

By Taylor Stephan Jun 07, 2017 4:00 PMTags
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So you're getting married and you've enlisted your closest personal friends to be part of your wedding party.

These ladies have been there with you through thick and thin, helping to plan the bachelorette party, the bridal shower—the list goes on. They're even willing to wear those matching bridesmaids' outfits that they secretly hate. They've put up with a lot from you, so how do possibly you repay them?

Easy. With wedding jewelry they'll actually want to wear IRL. 

The best part is they'll still be wearing exactly what you want them to on the big day (since you're picking it out here). But, they'll also go home with a sweet memento that they'll be more than happy to have forever.

Need some bridesmaid jewelry inspiration? Keep scrolling for some chic options that also won't break the bank.

Love You More Necklace

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Love You More Necklace, $175

Triple Diamond Studs

Melanie Casey Diamond Trio Studs, $280

Wishbone Bracelet

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Mini Wishbone Bracelet, $132

Moon and Star Studs

Catbird Tiny Dancer 14-Karat Gold Earrings, $115

Gold Chain Bracelet

Catbird Sweet Nothing 14-Karat Gold Bracelet, $95

Quartz Choker

Chan Luu Gold-Plated Quartz Choker, $105

Curly Earrings

Grace Lee Dot Curl Earrings XO, $358

Cat Necklace

Catbird Rose Gold Choupette Necklace, $298

Opal Earrings

WWake Offset Opal Arc Earrings, $350

Cross Necklace

Jacquie Aiche 2 CZ Pave Cross Necklace, $250

Diamond Studs

Kelly Bello Mini Diamond Studs, $175

Shell Bracelet

Chan Luu Tasseled Silver-Tone and Shell Bracelet, $55

Letter Bracelet

Kelly Bello Mini Letter Bracelet, $180

Pearl Necklace

Vale Jewelry Seed Pearl Necklace, $185

Letter Ring

Kelly Bello Mini Letter Ring, $140

And if you're not in a wedding this summer? Go ahead and buy these pieces anyway! 

You know you want to.