Are Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette Guys the Worst Ever? A Look Back at All the Shadiest Suitors

Just two weeks into season 13 of The Bachelorette, the list of guys with shady pasts is already getting long. Does Rachel Lindsay have the worst suitors ever?

By Lauren Piester Jun 02, 2017 3:00 PMTags
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Poor Rachel Lindsay.

It's no secret that we've been looking forward to her season of The Bachelorette ever since we first realized how great she was on The Bachelor, but so far, it doesn't seem like she has the best crop of guys to choose from, even if she is happily engaged. Seriously, are any of them good enough for Rachel? 

There's a guy who only says "whaboom." There's a guy who only talks about how much he hates whaboom guy. There's a guy who had a girlfriend (who then blindsided Rachel on a group date, how lovely!), and now a guy who has a history of horribly offensive and racist tweets, and they all made it past week one. It's hard to see the good among the very bad and very annoying in the two episodes we've seen, and it's making us wonder if this is the worst group of guys the show has ever had. 

The Bachelorette Season 13: Meet Rachel's 31 Men

There have been a lot of duds over the past 13 seasons of the show, especially as the franchise has become more and more popular, and people think they can use the platform for their own purposes while ignoring the premise of finding love. Apparently, this show is perfect for promoting music and wrestling careers! 

Of course, The Bachelor has also seen its fair share of ladies who weren't actually interested in a husband, but for now let's take a look back at some of the men throughout the franchise who most certainly were not in that mansion for the right reasons. 

Bentley Williams (Ashley Hebert's season)

"I'm gonna make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks OK."

Bentley's exit was possibly one of the most iconic Bachelorette exits of all time. After he declared that he had never thought Ashley was attractive and always knew for a fact that he wasn't going to fall in love with her, Bentley vowed to make her cry, then made sure he still looked good. 

Even before all that, Bentley purposely tried to mess with Ashley while she was crying, claimed that he'd rather go "swimming in pee" than plan a wedding with her, and admitted it was just the competition that made it worth it for him. What a catch.

Frank Neushaefer (Ali Fedotowsky's season)

Frank made it all the way to the final three with worries that he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend. He was so worried that after introducing Ali to his family, he even flew back to Chicago to see the ex, and then decided to dump Ali once they got to Tahiti for the overnight dates. So rude.

Justin "Rated R" Rego (Ali Fedotowsky's season)

Anyone whose wrestling name is "Rated R" is probably not good news, so we weren't shocked when it turned out that Justin had a girlfriend in Canada. The girlfriend contacted Ali and told her that Justin had planned to marry her after he finished using The Bachelorette to further his wrestling career. 

The best part of all of it was Ali chasing him around trying to get him to talk to her while he hobbled around on a broken leg, struggled to open doors, and had climb fences in order to escape. 

Kalon McMahon (Emily Maynard's season)

Anyone who knew anything about Emily Maynard knew that she had a daughter, so anyone with the opinion that a kid was "baggage" had no business competing for her heart in the first place. 

Kalon's comments weren't on screen, but the confrontation afterwards sure was, and he got what he deserved. 

Wes Hayden (Jillian Harris' season)

Hayden famously remarked how he was the first guy on The Bachelorette to make to the final four with a girlfriend after being exposed for only being on the show to promote his music career. Seems like it worked out great! 

Brian Jarosinki (Desiree Hartsock's season)

Long before DeMario's ex showed up at that basketball game, Brian's girlfriend accompanied Chris Harrison onto the set to confront Brian Jarosinki. He tried to claim that he and his woman were on a break, but then eventually admitted they had slept together two days before he left for filming. 

Buh bye, Brian.

Ian Thomson (Kaitlyn Bristowe's season)

Ian may have been more sexually frustrated than shady, but his epically nonsensical speech about how Kaitlyn is "surface level" and "only here to make out with guys" while he's too deep for her was very, very embarrassing. He eventually got to the realization he should just go home, but it's unclear why he felt he needed to so deeply offend her first. 

On his way out, Ian made sure we knew he went to Princeton Deerfield and that he wasn't lame like the other guys, and that he was tired of talking about farts and really needed to have some sex. He even tried to pitch himself as the Bachelor, which...LOL. 

Ryan McDill (Kaitlyn Bristowe's season)

Ryan was the classic drunk guy on night one, but he took things way too far with groping and rape jokes. That's not just a drunk version of a nice guy—that's a jerk who just happens to be drunk. Chris Harrison had to intervene and kick Ryan out himself. 

Joe Bailey (Kaitlyn Bristowe's season)

Joe wasn't all that bad during Kaitlyn's season, but his true colors came out on Bachelor in Paradise. He and Samantha Steffen had apparently made secret plans to hook up once she arrived in Paradise, but first he had to stay long enough for her to get there, so he had poor single mom and widow Juelia fooled into thinking he wanted to be with her, when really he just wanted that all-important rose. 

Then, Sam gave her rose to someone else, Joe got sent home, and it was hard to feel even a little bit sad for him. 

Robby Hayes (JoJo Fletcher's season)

Rumor's flew during JoJo's season that Robby had a girlfriend he broke up with just to go on The Bachelorette. Even his mom brought up the topic when JoJo went home with him to meet his family, and Robby still made it to the final two. 

Evan Bass (JoJo Fletcher's season)

Evan came off as very self-righteous during The Bachelorette in his determination to take Chad Johnson down, but he got even weirder during Bachelor in Paradise with his stalker-ish pursuit of both Amanda Stanton and Carly Waddell. The less into it she seemed, the harder he tried.

He and Carly are now happily engaged, but only after he calmed the f--k down 

Lucas Yancey (Rachel Lindsay's season)

On his own, Whaboom is not that shady. Sure, he's clearly just here to promote himself and his insane brand of Whaboom, but that's very obvious considering he had t-shirts ready to sell immediately after the first episode aired. Things actually get weird when you combine him with his greatest enemy...

Blake Elarbee (Rachel Lindsay's season)

Blake and Lucas were both contestants on a 2016 We TV reality show called Ex Isle where former couples are forced to work out their issues and are given the opportunity to find new love with sexy new singles. Lucas and his ex were one of the couples, and Blake was one of the sexy new singles who hooked up with Lucas' ex.

Now, Blake's entire personality is basically just "talks about his penis" and "hates Lucas." They're both too shady for Rachel, honestly.

DeMario Jackson (Rachel Lindsay's season)

Rachel was both shocked and angry to find some random swearing on her father's grave and some sleeping kittens that she and DeMario had been dating for seven months before he disappeared to do The Bachelorette. DeMario had no explanation and Rachel had no time for any of this crap, so she sent him packing with a beautiful "Get the f--k out." 

Lee Garrett (Rachel Lindsay's season)

Excuse us if we're having trouble believing that a guy with a long history of racist and sexist tweets is truly on this show hoping to build a life with the smart, funny, independent Rachel, who also happens to be the first black star of The Bachelorette

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