Will Heidi Montag Ever Be Friends With Lauren Conrad?

By Zach Johnson May 31, 2017 6:30 PMTags

Suffice to say, Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad won't be planning any play dates.

Heidi popped by E!'s Daily Pop Wednesday, where she admitted to Melanie Bromley, Carissa Culiner and Justin Sylvester that their joint pregnancies haven't resulted in a rekindled relationship. The Hills just so happens to be in the midst of a baby boom, as Whitney Port is also expecting her first child. (Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge are already moms). "I stated I was getting pregnant ahead of time! So, if they didn't want to be pregnant at the same time as me, mine was very public and planned," Heidi joked. Friends Kristin and Audrina both "reached out" after her baby news, the mom-to-be added, and "they are really excited for me."

And what about Lauren, her former roommate and BFF? "Obviously, I didn't hear from Lauren," said Heidi, who recently celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary, "but I wasn't expecting to."

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It's unlikely they'll ever be friends again. "I certainly wish the best for her and her life. I'm thankful for that time period, but that friendship is long gone," said Heidi, who maintained she "didn't do anything" despite Lauren once yelling, "You know what you did!" during a blowout at Les Deux. In fact, Heidi thought the fight would have resolved itself years ago. "I really thought we would get over this because I would think that she knew I didn't do anything. I thought she'd be like, 'OK, look, that was a crazy moment in my life. We're obviously really good friends. Let's move past this.' But we didn't really have the friendship I thought we had, I guess. I thought that there was going to be reconciliation," she said, "but it doesn't look like there ever will be."

Her drama with Lauren is in the past, and Heidi is focused on the future—particularly the arrival of her baby boy. "I'm so excited. He's definitely getting really big," she said on E!'s Daily Pop. "I was told he's one of the biggest babies my doctor has ever seen! I was like, 'Oh, my gosh!' My husband [Spencer Pratt] was 10 lbs. I was really hoping I wouldn't get that, but it is what it is!"

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